Keeping Bub Comfy While Travelling

Keeping Bub Comfy While Travelling

The holiday season is one where many families spend at least some of the time travelling. Whether you are heading across town or are setting off into the skies on an airplane, keeping your little one comfortable while you travel is key to everyone’s happiness during a trip.

At Peachymama, we have received some great advice from globe trotting mums about their strategies for keeping their babies happy and relaxed while travelling which we’d like to share with you in this post today.

Dress Your Baby In Layers

An overheated baby can become a sicky one. When travelling, you do not want to have to continually dig around in your nappy bag or luggage to find a new outfit for baby to wear. Instead, plan to dress her in soft layers which are easy to take off and put back on.

Another mum has shared that when dressing your baby in layers, try to keep anything with elastic or waistbands to a minimum. These can bunch up and cause your little one discomfort.

Bring A Battery-Operated Fan

As long as baby is being supervised, strongly consider bringing along a handheld battery-operated fan. It is particularly hot here in Australia these days and it is easy for your baby to feel hot. Vehicles, trains, and planes can also become stuffy. The fan will cool your baby right down, and the light breeze will be a novelty to your bub.

Changing Nappies Is Not A Big Deal

Almost all modes of transportation now have changing tables available, even in those tiniest of airplane bathroom stalls. If they do not, ask the on-flight staff where it would be suitable to give your baby a change (you certainly will not be the first parent to ask!).

Provide Your Baby With Plenty Of Liquids

The air in an airplane can be incredibly dry which will likely result in your baby needing to be fed more frequently. Make sure that you are prepared to breastfeed, or have enough bottles available, and ask staff to warm up your baby’s bottles if necessary.

Dress For Your Comfort

Breastfeeding on any mode of transportation can be cramped and uncomfortable. If your seat feels cramped and uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask if you are able to feed in a series of free seats, or you may be able to feed your baby in the back of an plane if it is during a quiet period.

Many mums are nervous about feeding on a public mode of transportation because they do not want their breast exposed to the public. Our fashions here at Peachymama have got you covered – literally. Not only is our clothing incredibly chic, but ourtops anddresses allow you to feed your bub while showing almost no skin.

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