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The Three C's To Looking Fab When Breastfeeding

January 08, 2016

The Three C's To Looking Fab When Breastfeeding

Many mums love breastfeeding and the beautiful bond that they share with their bub because of it. But while breastfeeding can be incredibly rewarding, many mums find it incredibly challenging to figure out just what they should wear so that they can breastfeed easily and comfortably throughout the day. What is even more difficult is putting together a stylish ensemble that is also accessible.

This is why we have created what we at Peachymama call the “Three C’s To Looking Fab When Nursing”.

So, just what are these three C’s?

1. Confidence

Breastfeeding can be challenging for many new mums. If you are feeling your breastfeeding confidence waning, take the time to speak to a nurse, chat with a lactation consultant, join a new mum group, or make a much needed cafe date with a mum friend who has been through it before. Remember that breastfeeding is a learned skill. The more you do it, the more your confidence will grow.

2. Convenience

Nothing is worse than having a crying infant on your hands and not being able to give him or her immediate access to the breast. The clothing that you wear should make breastfeeding incredibly accessible while also keeping you and your baby comfortable. This is why our Peachymama breastfeeding tops and dresses feature a unique panel system which allows you to easily yet discretely feed your baby any time, and anywhere. Our clothing works well with all standard clasp nursing bras as well as those which can be pulled down or open.

3. Chic

The clothing we wear has an effect on how we perceive and feel about ourselves. Your maternity clothing is probably too large and baggy to be worn after your baby is born, and you may not yet fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing. This can be disappointing and even depressing for many mums.

New mums deserve to look chic and stylish, which is exactly why our company, Peachymama, was born. In addition to how our clothing helps mums breastfeed their babies, our fashions are on-trend and make new mums feel as beautiful as they look. Whether you love stripes, floral patterns, zig-zags, or are looking for that basic little black dress, we have the fashions you love that are also incredibly flattering to your new mum curves.

We know that when you are looking and feeling your best, your chances of having a successful breastfeeding journey with your little one improves.

Check out ourclearance items or our newest fashions for the summer at



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