You CAN Still Breastfeed After Returning to Work

You CAN Still Breastfeed After Returning to Work

While there are numerous reasons why mums may feel reluctant to return to the workforce after having a baby, one of the most common reason is their desire to continue breastfeeding.

Without your baby around you all day, how on earth will you manage to keep him or her fed throughout those 6, 8 or even 12 hours that you and they may be apart?

Breastfeeding: Your Legal Right

Many mums are apprehensive about breastfeeding or expressing milk in the workplace because of how their employer or co-workers may perceive it. Fortunately, the law is on your side and the attractive breastfeeding attire available here at Peachymama can make it so much easier to accomplish. Discrimination from your employer on the basis of breastfeeding is illegal and complaints are taken very seriously. Though you may not be able to actually physically feed your baby, employers in most states are required to provide breastfeeding mums with the time to express and store milk for their babies at work.

The Benefits for a Breastfeeding Mum

A mum who chooses to continue supplying breast milk to her baby when she returns to work comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • A healthier baby: As we know, “breast is best”. Breast milk is 100% complete and tailored to your baby’s nutritional needs, meaning less sickness, less trips to the doctor, and fewer sleepless nights.

  • Less time off work: A healthier baby means a healthier mum and dad: parents take fewer sick days!

  • Breastfeeding mums also have a reduced risk of developing a number of health problems, such as pre-menopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer

  • It’s free: A mum who breastfeeds is one that who save upwards of $1200 a year! 

The Benefits for an Employer

Most employers are fully aware of the legal requirements to allow mums to breastfeed or express milk in the workplace, but should you feel the need to remind to your employer of the benefits:

  • You’ll be at work more: As touched on above, a healthier baby is a healthier mum, and a mum who will need to take less time off work to tend to a sick baby

  • You’ll be more productive: Feeling as if one’s needs are respected and supported increases employer-employee relations, meaning you’ll feel more motivated and loyal to producing great work for your employer (this also means less staff turnover and reduced training costs!)

  • Supporting a positive corporate image: An increasing number of organisations are striving to attain or maintain a positive corporate image, something which supporting breastfeeding mums certainly provides

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