Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public

Over recent years there has been a massive push by health institutions to have women choose breastfeeding as the primary way to feed their children and breastfeeding in public is unavoidable. So what are your rights?

Breast milk is the most nutritionally complete food that we could possibly feed our babies and studies have shown that the “breast is best” because it:

  • is easiest to digest,

  • it aids in mother-child bonding,

  • it can boost a child’s IQ, and

  • it can help mums lower their risk of a number of health problems such as breast and ovarian cancer, as well as postpartum depression.

We’ve all heard of the reasons why we should breastfeed, but as good as we know it is for our babies, there are times when we need to, or choose to, breastfeed in public and unfortunately can be met with some negativity from people around us.

The act of breastfeeding itself often isn’t the cause of these negative vibes, but rather it can be the public’s response to it – and many mums have at times been made to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding In Public Is your Right

Australian Federal Law has acknowledged under the “Sex Discrimination Act 1984” that breastfeeding is not a privilege, but a right for a woman and her child. The Act has made it illegal for anyone to be discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, for breastfeeding in public.

But this doesn’t just go for breastfeeding your child in a shopping centre or on a park bench on a lovely day. In fact, breastfeeding mums are also protected in the workplace. If a mother needs to take a break to express milk for her baby during her work day, for example, she is allowed a break for that purpose.

Clothing That Makes Breastfeeding Easier

Knowing that breastfeeding is your right goes a long way to making a new mum feel more comfortable, but that still doesn’t stop the stares and glares you may receive from the misinformed public.

What’s even worse is enduring that while hiking up your shirt and desperately struggling to keep a blanket over your chest when tending to your hungry baby. We can help make this bit a little easier – at Peachymama we have clothes that have been designed to not only make breastfeeding easier and more discreet, but to keep new mums looking trendy and fashionable.

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