5 Possible Reasons For Your Baby's Crying

5 Possible Reasons For Your Baby's Crying

Babies cry. It's not something I need to tell you about, but there may be a few reasons you hadn't thought of.

So, before you either become worried or alternatively, contemplate the thought of running off to another continent, let's make sure youve covered all the basics...

Baby’ s Hungry

The first impulse of just about every parent to their crying baby is,Feed him!as this is usually the answer to the problem. The particular cues parents often pick up on to let them know if their babys crying is hunger related are: Rooting (where your baby will turn his head toward your hand if you touch his cheek or he leans toward you with his mouth open - Lip smacking - Putting his hands or fingers toward or in his mouth

Dirty Nappies

Just like you wouldnt enjoy stewing in a mess youve made, neither would your baby with their even more delicate skin. Although some little ones can stay and sit in a soiled nappy for endless hours without so much as making a peep, other babies will let you know as soon as it happens. Check to see if this is the reason before going on to the next possible cause for their tears.

Baby is Tired

While you may have no problem going to bed and going to sleep when youre tired, your baby may have a more difficult time. He or she might fuss and cry for anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours, instead of just nodding their little heads and drifting off to sleep. If you notice your baby starting to yawn, rub his eyes, or show signs of attempting to settle, its likely that he or she is tired and simply cant get there on his own. Try changing the babys position, hold or carrying them around, pat and sing to himor laying him down in another spot to see if it will make a difference.

An Upset Tummy

Tummy troubles may be inflicting your baby for several reasons: 

    •  Colic

    • Hunger

    • Gas

    We addressed hunger at the outset, however, what about these other two? If, when you feed your baby, he or she cries, then its probably gas thats troubling your baby. This may explain a colic condition if this is the case as well. Invest in either gripe water, an over the counter medication for wind, or try gently drawing your babys knees towards their chest a couple times to encourage the release of any gas that might still be trapped in her intestinal tract.

      An Over-Stressed Mum

      You know the way youre able to sense tension in a room as you walk into it? Your baby has the same ability. If mum or even dad is suffering with a stress overload, your baby can feel that energy and reflect it in his or her own waywhich typically involves crying. Try to keep stress levels down and remain as comfortable as possible. Whenever possible wear comfy clothes for breastfeeding and setting aside soft, supportive feeding areas. Remember that regardless of what you try to do, your baby is going to cry, and that this just a temporary and most likely a short phase that your little one is going through.

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