Returning Home from Hospital After You've Had Your Baby

Returning Home from Hospital After You've Had Your Baby

It can be quite confronting when you come home from hospital and you are responsible for the care of your beautiful baby.

There will a lot of visits and extra help at the start but then it is up to you to work it all out, and sort through the reams of "good" advice from family and friends all on your own....You also need to work out what jobs you and your partner can do, to stay in tune with each other and connected to this precious new change!

Stress levels and emotions can be high, when your sleep deprived, haven't had a shower ,there is nothing for dinner and the house looks like a bomb, and yet you are completely in love with your baby.

Been there and done that!

So, here are some simple tips that can help you feel like you can get on top it all and feel good about yourself.

  • Make sure your house is stocked with healthy high energy snacks especially if you choose to breastfeed. Nothing that takes ages to prepare ....such as fresh fruit, good quality yogurts, nuts and dried fruit, fruit smoothies from the innocent range are good, soup, and some ready made meals are always handy. And lots and lots of water.

  • If it all gets too much and you are completely overwhelmed, go for a long walk. fresh air is good for you, and a walk usually settles the baby off to sleep. It can also be a nice time to think things through and work out solutions. If it's pouring rain, or 40 degrees put on your favorite song and have a dance! It might get you both out of stressful moment.

  • To perk you up when your feeling like you look completely washed out, make sure you've got some feel good clothes to put on, that emphasize that bustline and not the tummy that is still hanging on! Clothes that look good and function well, are the best especially when venturing out an about.

  • Try to find the time to slop in a bit of body moisturizer with a hint of fake tan for a natural looking glow, and  pep up with a moisturizing face spray during the day. After my second baby was born a close friend gave me a good eye cream and touch éclat from Yves St Laurent, which is quite an indulgent treat but well worth it to cover up the "no sleep" dark circles.

  • Try and get to that mother's group even though you might not have had a shower, tidied up etc.. It's really important to talk to people who are sharing your experiences. and we all seem to come up with resourceful ways to deal with life's challenges so you may help someone out, or get some ideas of your own.

  • Breastfeeding in public can be a challenge at first, but don't let it stop you from getting back into things you enjoy, such as lunch with friends etc. Wear a breastfeeding top you can manage with ease,  go out with supportive and caring friends, and bring along extra wipes etc.. Be confident! You are doing something that is completely natural and wonderfully healthy for your baby, as well as being easy, instant, and relaxing.

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