Nursing Tops: Comfy And Convenient For Both Mum And Baby

Nursing Tops: Comfy And Convenient For Both Mum And Baby

If you've had a baby before, then you'll have a pretty clear picture of how you must have looked for the greater part of your breastfeeding years. At home, the simplest solution to your hungry little infant's cries is to lift up your T-shirt and give your baby access to the nourishment flowing from your breast. You don't give much thought to it, really; after all, you're just at home, and any nice clothes you may want to wear will only suffer wetness and possible stains from leaks, so it's just better to have a loose shirt on which you can just lift up and pull down as needed.

But that was something that, most likely you had no choice about in years past. Few manufacturers of maternity clothing seem to pay attention to a mum's after-baby concerns — such as wanting to look more like their pre-baby self without compromising their ability to properly breastfeed their child. In those earlier years, whenever women stepped out of the house with their little tots to run errands and take care of other responsibilities, they had to find a secluded place where they can lift up their entire shirt and breastfeed — and they certainly couldn't expose themselves  to strangers.

Hooray for perceptive breastfeeding clothing manufacturers!

Today, however, mums can effectively nurse their babies even while they are out and about. Modern breastfeeding tops are designed with a discreet opening through which they can breastfeed, while still providing ample coverage for mummy's body. And speaking of mummy's body, these specially created clothing pieces are structured in a way that would flatter her after-baby figure. They are different from maternity clothes which provide room for a growing belly; in contrast, nursing tops provide enough coverage for post-pregnancy issues, while flattering areas that are clearly past the pregnancy days.

Styles that are fresh, lively and youthful

Who says mums need to hide behind several layers of black to conceal their post-pregnancy bods? At PeachyMama, women can take their pick from brightly coloured nursing tops, to floral mini dresses, to chic high-waisted pants and leggings. The vibrant hues, comfy materials and flattering cuts inspire women to celebrate their bodies — after all, it was just able to create and nurture new life in your womb. How’s that for a reason to dress up nicely, while still caring for baby? With these nursing clothes carefully and lovingly designed with both mum and baby in mind, mother and child stay comfortable and close together, no matter where they're headed for the day.

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