Tips For Breastfeeding at Work

Tips For Breastfeeding at Work

While there are several major reasons why many mums are hesitant to re-enter the workforce after they’ve had a baby, one particularly common reason is because they often wish to continue breastfeeding. So if you’re baby isn’t in close proximity to you all day, how is it feasible to keep her or him fed and happy for the 6 to 8 or more hours you’ll be away from them? 

Your Legal Right To Breastfeed

Some mums are reluctant to consider expressing milk or breastfeeding in places of work due to how coworkers or employers might perceive it. It’s fortunate that you have the law on your side and making it even easier to accomplish, you also have the available option of wearing specially designed breastfeeding clothes such as the attractive tops and dresses offered at Peachymama. 

It’s illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for breastfeeding activities and complaints aren’t taken lightly. Although actual physical breastfeeding of your child may not be permitted in your workplace, most states require that employers allow breastfeeding mums enough time to express and store breast milk for their infants while they’re at work.

The Advantages To Breastfeeding Mums 

There are a host of benefits that come with deciding to continue providing your baby with breast milk on your return to work, these include: 

  • A baby with less health issues: “Breast is best” after all. Being biologically formulated to perfectly meet your baby’s nutritional needs, breastmilk is 100% complete resulting in reduced occurrence of illness, fewer trips to the doctor, and less sleepless nights.

  • Reduced time away from work: Healthier babies results in healthier dads and mums who don’t require nearly as many sick days!

  • Mums who breastfeed also experience lower risks for developing several serious health issues including ovarian cancer and pre-menopausal breast cancer.

  • It’s free: Breastfeeding mums don’t have to buy formula, and so can save $1200 and up each year! 

Benefits to Employers

The majority of employers are well aware of how the law requires them to to permit mums to express milk and breastfeed in places of work, however, if there’s still a need for you to remind your employer of the involved benefits to them: 

  • Less hours lost at work: As mentioned earlier, healthier babies means healthier mums, and mums who don’t need to take as much time off in order to look after their sick babies.

  • Greater productivity: when we feel our needs are being respected and supported it enhances positive employer-employee relations, resulting in you as an employee having greater motivation and loyalty to put forward your best work effort for your employer (this also translates into decreased training costs and staff turnover!)

  • A positive corporate image is supported: A growing number of businesses are trying to establish or maintain a positive corporate image, just the type of thing offering breastfeeding mums with support can provide.

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