Mums With Wardrobe Envy – Over Their Babies' Clothes

Mums With Wardrobe Envy – Over Their Babies' Clothes

One quick trip to the a shopping centre or fashion store and you’ll likely see a number of mums wheeling their babies around in strollers, gazing into the windows of shops, while perhaps indulging in a much deserved latte. 

You’d think that these mums were shopping for themselves, but they aren’t. A recent study from Britain revealed that the amount of money new mums are spending on new clothes drop from an average of approximately $100 a month prior to becoming pregnant, to $50 one month after birth. So just who are they shopping for?

Budding Baby Fashionistas

The outfits that are designed for infants today are so incredibly fashionable that parents not only find it impossible to not crack open their wallets and buy them, but they even downright envy them! In fact, the study found that three quarters of new mums think that their babies have better wardrobes than they do.

There’s no question that being a new mum puts a lot of pressure on the amount of time she has to prep and primp in the morning, and that former fashion “staples” such as statement jewellery and high heels are often impractical (after all, who wants to risk rolling an ankle while chasing after a baby in 4 inch inch pumps?).

But rather than ignore her wardrobe entirely, mums should celebrate their new bodies and treat themselves to new wardrobe pieces that are practical yet fashionable.

  • Invest in Breastfeeding Clothing:  One in four mums from this study claim that they haven’t any clothes that are suitable for breastfeeding a baby. Rather than stick to the same staple t-shirts and stretchy tank tops, treat yourself to fashionable clothes that are designed specifically to allow mums to discretely breastfeed her baby.

  • Choose Prints:  Mums often don’t bother to wear nice clothing in fear of only having that designer blouse or new dress suffer spit ups, food stains, and all of the other messes that come with having a young one around.

The solution: printed tops.

Colourful prints not only add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, but they are great when it comes to hiding spills and spit ups.

Structured Clothing

Post pregnancy bodies come with some new curves, but rather than hide them under baggy clothing, find structured and well tailored pieces that lengthen the shoulders and cinch in at the waist.

There’s no reason for your baby to get all of the fashion praise – here at Peachymama, we have post pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly clothes that are fashion forward, comfortable and easy to care for.

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