Help For Mums To Feel Comfortable Breastfeeding In Public

Help For Mums To Feel Comfortable Breastfeeding In Public

I have found many young mothers feel uncertain about where they can and cannot breastfeed. Many new mums try to plan outings around their baby’s feeding schedules in order to avoid being caught with a crying baby and nowhere to feed them. Feeling comfortable with feeding your baby in public takes a little practice for some. For many it can be as simple as having well-designed breastfeeding clothes that allow easy access in public spaces. It also helps when the public at large is better educated about the importance of breastfeeding and the needs of nursing mothers.

The Pope Is On Board

Recently, during a baptism of 32 babies at the Sistine Chapel, Pope Francis made it clear that nursing was welcome in the Church. Pope Francis, known as the ‘People’s Pope’, addressed the congregation, and the mothers specifically, encouraging them to feel comfortable feeding their babies if they are hungry. His acceptance and support of mothers nursing their babies in public, even in church, may help open the eyes of those who frown upon breastfeeding deeming it unacceptable in public places. When a child is hungry, Pope Francis has publicly acknowledged that it should be fed without embarrassment or delay.

Make Yourself Comfortable

It's always important to feel comfortable when feeding your baby – whether you are at home, or out and about. Many young mums are not yet aware that there is modern clothing that has been designed specifically with breastfeeding in mind. Many of course know that nursing bras are not only convenient, but they also provide much needed support for tender breasts. But as well, purpose-designed and fashionable breastfeeding tops and nursing dresses make feeding your little one in public far more comfortable.

What Feels Right

Feeding your baby is a personal decision that has to be made by you alone. The pressures of society should not sway you one way or the other. When you do make the decision to breastfeed, we want you to know you have many funky and fashionable options available to make it easier for you and for your baby.

There are many styles of breastfeeding clothes available here at Peachymama. We’re sure they will give you some great options to improve your breastfeeding experience.

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