Beating the Heat while Breastfeeding This Summer

As the temperature continues to ramp up, more and more mums are looking for fun things to do with their bubs outside in the heat. What many mums have likely discovered, however, is that breastfeeding on a hot day can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience for both her and baby. Dont let breastfeeding stand in the way of you and your baby enjoying the season with these 3 key tips:   

 1. Stay Hydrated

No mum should brave the heat without a bottle of cool water by her side. Sipping on water wont only keep you hydrated, but it will ensure that your milk production stays at optimal levels so that you can continue to sufficiently nourish and hydrate your baby.

Breastfeeding tops for summerKeep in mind that babies under the age of 6 months (preferably 1 year) dont necessarily be given water if you are breastfeeding well (there is more than enough water in your breastmilk to keep baby hydrated!).

2. Stay Shaded

The hours between 10am and 4pm are when the sun is at its strongest, with temperatures reaching their highest points between noon and 3pm. During these times, limit your sun exposure by staying inside (draw the blinds to create shade, put on a fan, undress baby to his or her nappy) or, for those wanting to brave the outdoors, keep your baby out of the sun as much as possible.

Lay baby in a shaded stroller, sit under an umbrella, and dress your bub in a thin layer of lightly-coloured clothing to reduce sun exposure.

3. Stay Dry

Hot temperatures and needing to hold baby close to the body can make breastfeeding a sweaty and unpleasant experience. Add the fact that mums often prefer to place a cover or blanket over themselves and baby for privacy then its easy to see how your baby may become overheated.

Placing a receiving blanket between yourself and your baby can make both mum and bubs more comfortable, though it can also be difficult to manage or embarrassing in public.

At Peachymama, we have a great range of chic breastfeeding clothing pieces now available that are specifically tailored to create an easy connection between mum and baby. They also giving you privacywithout the need to throw a blanket or cover over yourself and your little one. The result: a soothed and settled baby, and a relaxed, stylish mum.

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Photo byJohn Doht onUnsplash

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