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Fashion Forward: All About Florals

February 20, 2015

Fashion Forward: All About Florals


Of all the prints that have been seen strutting their stuff down the runway this year, florals have been one of the biggest hits so far this year. Bearing no resemblance to the floral patterns that our grandmothers and great grandmothers may have worn, today’s florals can be ultra feminine, incredibly fierce, or just downright fun.

Feminine Florals

Florals naturally lend themselves to femininity given the pattern’s connection to mother nature, an idea in itself that’s incredibly feminine (i.e. “mother”).

Florals that are more feminine tend to feature pastel shades, intricate detailing, and soft hues. The Pinafore breastfeeding dress at Peachymama is the ultimate feminine floral dress, sharing more natural shades that can easily be found in nature while adding in punches of bold blue tones and contrasting oranges and yellows.

Not a fan of blue? Then check out the sleeved Wild Roses breastfeeding dress. This light-weight dress is perfect for warmer weather and can easily be dressed up or dressed down with shoes and accessories.

Fierce Florals

If you’re looking to make a statement, then fierce florals are the way to shop. One of our favourites: the Peachymama Retro Red Floral Va Va Voom dress. Depicting light to royal blue flowers on a bold red tapestry, this dress is truly a stand out piece.

For mums who are looking for some tropical flare, try the Aloha breastfeeding dress. The sleeveless design and the extraordinary blend of turquoise blue waters, palms and bursting red and pink wild orchids make this dress exceptionally cool.

And for those mums who want to be exceptionally fashion forward? Then opt for over-sized patterns that include leaves and stems, like Peachymama’s Black Vintage Pink Floral breastfeeding dress.

Fun Florals

These are for the mums who are looking to break out of the mold and create their own statement pieces.

First up: our Cornflowers dress. This 60’s-inspired dress features ornate deep blue cornflowers on a musk-pink background and features a button up front. What is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the dress, however, is the tie-up back (this allows you to best show off your figure) and the unique extra blue insert that allows breastfeeding mums to still feed discreetly.

For anyone who wants to spice up their wardrobe, then the Floral Flamenco Wrap dress is a must-have. Boasting warm orange and earth tones, this comfortable dress features a drape that not only conceals any problem areas, but it adds that extra flair to your outfit.

We invite you to browse our current range of floral dresses to help you decide which are the right ones for you.

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