No, Exercise Will Not Change Your Breastmilk

No, Exercise Will Not Change Your Breastmilk

There is no question that exercise is important, but it is particularly beneficial for new mums who may be feeling more stressed than usual and need that “pick me up” that exercise can provide. Unfortunately, one study published in 1992 continues to deter new mums from working out because it stated thatexercise would cause a baby to fuss or outright refuse to take the breast.

The Reasoning Behind The Study

When we exercise, chemical changes occur in the body. One of the most notable changes which may be of concern to breastfeeding mums is that it can increase the amount of lactic acid in the breastmilk which could then possibly cause your baby to refuse to feed.

Debunking The Study

Though sadly perpetuated,the study is questionable. Not only were babies fed milk by a dropper rather than at the breast for the study, the mothers involved reported that their babies had no issue with taking their breast after exercise in the past.

Why Baby May Be Refusing The Breast

If you are engaging in high intensity exercises for a long period of time, then lactic acid may be an issue with your breastfeeding. In these situations, it may be a good idea to express before exercising so your bubs will have a nutritious meal ready while you are recovering from yourworkout.

In all other situations, it is likely that other issues are causing your baby to refuse the breast after you exercise. The most likely reason a baby would not be keen to breastfeed after you exercise is because they do not like the salty taste of your sweat. Your bubs may also not like the smell of your sweat, or might just be put off by something you ate the night before – an issue which is completely unrelated to exercise.

Nursing before exercise, wearing a high intensity bra, and keeping yourself hydrated are all important when working out. But what is even more important is feeling comfortable so that you can push yourself to your limits with confidence.

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