Solutions To Common Baby Wearing Woes

Solutions To Common Baby Wearing Woes

While some may call the practice of “baby wearing” a new craze, the truth is that many cultures all over the globe have long carried their babies close through the use of a wrap or sling. Western cultures are starting to catch on to this practice for a number of reasons: it’s convenient, it promotes a baby’s physical development, and babies tend to be happier and more content (which makes parents more content too!)

There are some challenges that some parents face when carrying their bub around in a sling, with the most common being lower back pain.

My Lower Back Is In Agony!

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, take a break and spend some quality time on the couch with your baby.

Your lower back pain is most likely caused by three very solvable problems:

  • An uneven distribution of weight: If you are using a hip or one-sided carrier, change sides or take a break when you feel pain.
  • The carrier is too low: Try to retie or reposition your carrier so it is higher, or carry your little one on your back if you feel comfortable.
  • An improperly configured back carrier: If you have a back carrier, try retying it so there is no space between you and your baby.

My Shoulders And Neck Are Sore!

The other common reason why parents feel pain is because the baby is too low. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to kiss the top of your infant’s head by tilting your head forward slightly.

As baby gets older, start high and move down until you find a spot which is comfortable for you.

Your baby should be close enough for you to slide your hand between the two of you, but the gap should be no greater than that.

I Can’t Raise Or Lower My Shirt To Feed!

With a wrap already covering your front, it can be hard to lift or lower your shirt so that you can quickly and privately feed your bub.

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