What Some Mums Do While Breastfeeding

What Some Mums Do While Breastfeeding Women are notorious multitaskers, with mums arguably being the most skilled of all. From altered and constantly changing sleep and feeding schedules to managing the household to trying to carve out some “me” time, many mums panic when it comes to breastfeeding. After all, doesn’t breastfeeding mean being tied down to a couch for 12 hours a day?

Not so. In fact, many nursing mums run businesses, maintain a social life, and taken care of other children, all while breastfeeding their bubs.

Manage The Business

If you’re working from home or run your own business, breastfeeding can be an ideal time to get work done. Pull up a laptop, a tablet, or documents and you can manage your workload right from the couch while your baby is happy, comfortable, and feeding. Some take advantage of this precious time to make phone calls, believing that this is the only definite “quiet time” they may get!

Get In Touch with Friends

Many new mums feel isolated and hesitant to reach out because their friends may have shied away to give you time alone with your new little one. But trust us – they want to hear from you. Whether it’s shooting off text messages to the girlfriends, catching up online, or making a few quick phone calls to reconnect and make plans – breastfeeding is the perfect time to reach out and stay in touch.

Indulge In “Me” Time

Breastfeeding is the best time for you to get in some precious and much needed “me” time. This may be catching up with your favourite recorded television shows, reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to for years, and making plans for outings or entertaining.


If you have the right gear for it, you can actually get household chores done and tend to other children while breastfeeding your baby – particularly when he or she is quite small. Many slings, wraps and carriers are now designed specifically to comfortably support your baby while feeding even if you’re up and about. By wearing a breastfeeding top or dress beneath the wrap – like those from our Peachymama range – so there’s easy access to your breast, and you can easily feed your bubs while you tick off your ‘to do’ list.

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