Virgin Flight Has Mums Up In Arms

Virgin Flight Has Mums Up In Arms

On the heels of a Canadian mum having difficulties when feeding on a flight comes another from our home country of Australia. Similar to the Canadian story, the Australian mum was asked to stop breastfeeding while on a Virgin Australia flight. This time, it was during a take off and though the flight attendants allege that the child wasn’t restrained during this time, many of the passengers have said otherwise.

Some have said that the mother in the story, Ms Rutgers, did indeed comply with the rule and had herself and her child properly restrained. Others stated that they are “gobsmacked’ by the rudeness of staff and attendants. Ultimately, the plane turned around where Ms Rutgers met local and federal police.

Breastfeeding on Airplanes: What’s The Problem?

There seems to be a clear disconnect between airlines, their staff and their attendees as to what the proper policy on board is. Clearly greater education is required on all parts to ensure the safety and comfort of all staff and patrons, though breastfeeding mums can do a lot to ensure that their rights and comforts are accommodated when flying.

1. Ask What the Airlines Policy Is on Breastfeeding

Clarify well before your flight and even before booking with an airline what their policy on breastfeeding is. Ask for, for example, policy numbers and reference texts, so that you are fully armed should you encounter a problem when traveling.

2. Consider Alternatives

There is no question that the best way to keep a breastfed infant calm during a flight is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is soothing, prevents ear aches, and increases the comfort of you baby. If possible, consider alternatives that may soothe your baby during take offs and landings – when having your child restrained will be more of a concern to attendants.

3. Bring a Cover

The good news is that the majority of individuals on a flight will not mind if you need to feed your infant on a plane. Some, however, may feel uncomfortable.

Because of this, it’s best to always have a cover that you child has adjusted to (if he or she accepts one at all) and to bring it with you. If that doesn’t’ work, the other best alternative is to wear clothing designed specifically for discreet breastfeeding.

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