Choosing Between Disposable and Non-Disposable Breast Pads

Choosing Between Disposable and Non-Disposable Breast Pads

Here at Peachymama we're proud to be clothing Australia's breastfeeding mums.

Our clothes are fashionable, yes, but they also serve a function. They work well with nursing bras – and as a few mums have noted - without them.

But breast pads are one of those items that we all seem to 'can't live without'.  So, if you're debating between reusable and disposable then read on...

What Are Breast Pads?

The role of a breast pad is to absorb any excess or leaking milk. This most often happens when a mum feels her milk “let down”, though it can also happen throughout various parts of the day. A breast pad will absorb that extra milk so that a mum is not left with an unbecoming wet mark on her breast.

Washable Breast Pads: Why They're On The Market

There are so many reasons to choose a washable breast pad: they are better for the planet, reusable, and are a fantastic long term investment.

But there are many reasons why mums choose not to go this route. For one, they are expensive to purchase up front. Secondly, they are often bulkier than many of the disposable options which are available today. If you plan on wearing a soft shelled nursing bra, then choose your washable breast pads carefully (unless you plan on wearing nursing clothing like ours which offers an additional “smoothing” layer).

Disposable Breast Pads: Why Mums Want Them

Disposable breast pads are immediately affordable and accessible. They come in a variety of different styles, sizes and quantities so that mums can easily choose what they want and need now without having to consider washing the pads. After all, doesn’t a mum have enough to think about?

But disposable breast pads also come with a set of disadvantages – notably, they are adding to our environmental waste. For that reason, it is always a good idea to source a supply of environmentally friendly breast pads. The cost of the pads also continue to accumulate over time, something which washable or reusable breast pads do not.

One common concern amongst breastfeeding mums is whether or not the breast pads will appear beneath their clothing. Our high quality fashions at Peachymama completely conceal not only the breast, but the breast pads which lie beneath.

Experience the Peachymama difference and check out what we have to offer.

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