Why We Think Our High Waisted Pants Are Must-Haves

Why We Think Our High Waisted Pants Are Must-Haves

Most new and expecting mums set a “new clothes” budget for baby, but she should also make one for herself – so she can indulge in some stylish new clothes to dress her new curves in. One of the garments in our must-have list are high waisted pants. Not only are they on trend right now, but they’re a necessity for all new mums. Here’s why:

1. Added Comfort

One thing few people speak about when they’re pregnant is the recovery process that a mum will go through after her bub is born. Comfort is key for a new mum, so she can stay relaxed and expedite her healing, particularly if she has had a C-section. The high waist band of our post-partum pants has been specifically designed to prevent any rubbing or the application of any added pressure to these sensitive areas as they heal.

2. Extra Tummy Support

While there are exceptions to the rule, most new mums will have a bit of a tummy “pouch” for the first few weeks or months after the arrival of her baby. Having well-designed post-partum pants means that mums can tuck and suck in their belly without having to suffer any unwanted lumps or bulges. High waisted pants not only help conceal your tummy, but they can potentially act as a belly band and give your stretched abdominal muscles added support that can expedite healing and recovery, particularly if your abdominal muscles have been injured throughout the pregnancy (i.e. if they have become separated or if you have diastasis recti).

3. Optional Folding Waistband

As worried as you may be about your post-delivery tummy hanging around for a while, it will disappear – especially if you’re breastfeeding, which burns up to 500 extra calories a day! Our high waisted pants feature a waistband that can be easily folded down as you lose weight, meaning you’ll get a whole lot of mileage out of these pants. In fact, many mums continue to wear our pants for years because of their comfortable yet slimming design.

Mums don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort when planning their after delivery wardrobe, and they don’t need to break the bank either!

At Peachymama, we offer a stylish selection of affordable high waisted pants in a variety of cuts and designs that serve as fantastic foundation pieces for any look.

See them for yourself at Peachymama.com.au!

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