Dad Eats Under Blankie To Support Breastfeeding

Dad Eats Under Blankie To Support Breastfeeding

A video of a Florida man attempting to eat a variety of foods under a blanket has gone viral this past month, and it is all insupport of breastfeeding.

Brock Smith is a father in Florida who is clearly tired of his wife being told to “cover up” while breastfeeding their little one. While out to dinner one evening, Smith decided to put eating under a blanket to the test. The father enjoyed a baked potato, an ice cream cone, and a fountain soda with his daughter’s white blankie draped over his head to prove how uncomfortable and ridiculous the suggestion is.

“Making Light” Of A Social Issue

Smith says that he created the video to “make light” of what he calls a “touchy” social issue, stating that he had had enough of the “asinine argument” as to whether or not mums should have to cover themselves in a blanket while breastfeeding. His Facebook post is currently loaded with positive comments from other parents, many of whom have shared their own experiences in being told to “cover up” when breastfeeding in public.

When Discretion And Privacy Become An Issue

Here in Australia, breastfeeding in public is the right of a mother and her baby. But although laws and regulations may say it is acceptable, that does not necessarily mean that a mum may feel comfortable feeding while in the presence of friends, loved ones, or total strangers.

The “duck and hide under a blanket” approach is not suitable for many babies as it is not only scary for them, but it can cause baby and mum to become hot and uncomfortable. Having to breastfeed in a toilet stall or being forced to feed in a closet is also unacceptable.

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