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Meeting the Challenge of Breastfeeding Multiples

June 17, 2016

 Meeting the Challenge of Breastfeeding Multiples

Many may scoff. Many more say that it cannot be done. But ask any mum of 2 or more babies who has breastfed both, at the same time, from the very beginning and she will tell you it can be – that is, with heaps of patience, lots of water, and by being well prepared.

If you are a current or expecting mum of multiples, the idea of breastfeeding may seem daunting at first. But mums can increase their chances of successfully rising to this challenge by having the right tools and support on hand.

Here are a few tips that will help mums and their babies have the most comfortable and rewarding feeding experience.

Buy (Or Rent) A Pump

Worried about producing enough milk for all of your babies? Then a pump may be your best answer. Pumps stimulate milk production and help keep your body producing at optimal levels. It is also an incredibly useful tool for saving and storing a supply of milk.

Experienced mothers of multiples often cite their pump as being their “saving grace” when it came to breastfeeding their twins. Pumps can be costly, though a medicals supply shop or a hospital may rent pumps out for a nominal fee. This will allow you to not only take advantage of the pump, but to see if it really is necessary for you and your babies.

Carry A Water Bottle

With all of this breastfeeding going on, a mum will have to stay very hydrated to keep up with her milk production. Choose a sturdy, and preferably insulated, water bottle so that you will always have the water you need at the perfect temperature. Try to get into the practice of topping up the water bottle every morning and placing it right next to where you will be feeding your babies.

Choose to Relax

Relaxing is not only important for your sanity, but it also helps improve a your milkflow! Though easier said than done, but mums can start to unwind by:

Asking for Help: As a mum of multiples, you will likely have tons of willing babysitters come to your door. Don’t decline the help! At times when people may be less available, reach out to your partner, friends, and family members. Having your sister do your washing and a neighbour bring over a home cooked meal will go a long way in keeping you calm and collected

Get Comfortable: Apart from having a plush chair all planned out for feeding time, mums can stay at ease by using other tools to stay comfortable. A breastfeeding cushion (some are specifically designed for twins and triples) will go a long way, as will appropriate clothing.

Peachymama’s fresh line of winter tops and dresses keeps mums almost completely covered while allowing her to easy feed two babies at a time while staying fashionable and chic.

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