Tips for Taking Care of Breastfeeding Mums

Tips for Taking Care of Breastfeeding Mums

Breastfeeding mums can be a selfless lot, all focus on bubs and very little on themselves.

It's a tricky time and calls for lots of love, support and encouragement from spouses, friends, partners, and family members.

Now, if you're in any of these categories, read on!

We've jotted down some ideas for you...


Between sleep deprivation, nappy changes, and what can sometimes feel like continuous feeding, mums often don't have the time to properly nourish themselves. This can be particularly troubling given a breastfeeding mum needs to consume 500 or so extra calories each day to keep up with her baby’s feeding demands.

If you want to do a breastfeeding mum a favour, cook a meal – simple.

Anything will do. If you can't cook, find someone who can, cheat with take away or learn quickly.  

A good meal is one that can stretch over multiple meals or can be frozen. Not having to worry about cooking all the time, if that is the 'norm', will make a world of difference in her energy, her attitude, and her ability to feed bubs.


For many mums, it can be difficult to ignore the many chores that she can see mounting up, especially if her hubby or her partner's out working while she's at home doing the real work. Mountains of laundry, loads of dishes, and a dirty floor are all things that rob breastfeeding mums of their much needed naps simply because they cannot stand living in an untidy household.

If this sounds like you:

  • Help her with the cleaning; or

  • Get together with others to give her a cleaning service.

Alternatively, you can ask the mum what she would value more: a clean house or some time to clean the house herself. Many mums simply want an extra set of arms there to hold and comfort her baby so that she can take care of something other than her baby.

Buy Her Something Stylish

With a new baby comes a new body for most breastfeeding mums. What may have fit pre-pregnancy probably won't fit so well anymore. She's probably well over her maternity clothing, not wanting to look at it anymore.

So, for a mum who wants to look fresh and fabulous while breastfeeding,Peachymama has the goods.

Not sure what to get her?

We now offer gift cards so that breastfeeding mums can choose – and treat herself to the most cutting-edge flattering fashions in the industry.

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