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Have Your Lactation Consultant On Speed Dial!

September 25, 2015

Have Your Lactation Consultant On Speed Dial!

Despite being a natural act, breastfeeding can occasionally be difficult for mum and bub.

From latching difficulties to painful nursing to low milk production, mums who encounter any one of these breastfeeding difficulties often feel as if they have a steep hill to climb in order to have a successful and rewarding nursing experience.

For those who choose a midwife to deliver her baby, your midwife may already be able to provide you with nursing assistance during the first several weeks of your baby’s life. For those who do not have any additional help after leaving the hospital, however, a lactation consultant is the person you should call.

What Is A Lactation Consultant?

A lactation consultant is a professional who specialises in breastfeeding and troubleshooting common and not so common breastfeeding issues. They help women meet their breastfeeding goals while also ensuring that babies are gaining enough weight for their age.

What Can I Expect From A Lactation Consultation?

When a lactation consultant visits you at home, he or she will likely ask you a few questions about the health of you and your baby, your baby’s birth weight, as well as how many wet or soiled diapers your bub has on a regular basis. During a feed, a consultant will observe how your baby feeds and may take additional steps afterwards to address your nursing concerns.

Where Can I Find a Lactation Consultant?

The best source to find the best lactation consultants in your area is to speak with other mums. Almost every breastfeeding mum has encountered one hurdle or another along her breastfeeding journey, many of which have enlisted in the help of a consultant.

Organisations such as Karitane [http://www.karitane.com.au/] and Tresillian [https://www.tresillian.org.au/] are superb in assisting new families adjust to parenting, including providing breastfeeding advice.

You can also reach out to local health departments and nursing associations to see who they may recommend. The hospital which you gave birth at may also be able to provide you with a recommendation, as will the clinic or doctor’s office you regularly attend.

Should all else fail, mums can then visit the International Lactation Consultant Association. This website is loaded with experienced lactation consultants, many of who will be available in your area.

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