Breastfeeding-Friendly Cafe Opens In The UK

Breastfeeding-Friendly Cafe Opens In The UK

The phrase “breast is best” has caught on like wildfire and more mums are being supported in breastfeeding their babies than they have been over the past twenty or thirty years. But even so, there is still some contention around breastfeeding in public.

Louise, a mother of one in the UK,opened up a café that was designed and furnished in such a way that breastfeeding mums would not only feel comfortable in public, but would be able to meet up with other mums as well.

Not “Just Another Kinder Café”

Louise came up with the concept after she suffered embarrassment breastfeeding in public places, often resorting to feeding in a public bathroom stall when she could find no other comfortable place to feed.

Her café offers enough room for buggies to fit between tables, there is a common changing room, and there is a private room for those mums who may still feel apprehensive about feeding in front of others.

But her café is more than a spot for mums to relax with their bubs outside of the home. She also arranges for counsellors and other service providers to come into the café to provide mums with information on common “new mum” issues like exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Public Breastfeeding Tips

As a new mum, having a network which includes other new mums is critical. No one else will understand your sleepless nights, sore nipples, and recovery like another mother.

With that said, should you be caught needing to feed and be nowhere near one of these unique cafés, you need to be prepared.Here’s some important tips to remember:

Know Your Rights

Breastfeeding in public is legal here in Australia. No one should stop you from breastfeeding in a public area simply because you are in a public area.

Wear Clothes You Feel Comfortable In

This is where we atPeachymama know our stuff. Understanding that many mums feel uncomfortable feeding in public places but also want the latest and best fashions and patterns, we design and makebreastfeeding-friendly clothing that is not only cutting edge, but allows you to effortlessly feed your bub.

Practise Feeding In Front Of A Mirror

After putting on one of ourtanks,tees ordresses, sit in front of a mirror and practise feeding. With a bit of work, you will be able to feed your bub while showing little to no skin to onlookers.

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