When You're Not Feeling Yourself After Bub's Arrival

When You're Not Feeling Yourself After Bub's Arrival

Having a baby is a life-changing experience.

Changing hormones, anxiety about caring for the baby and lack of sleep all affect your emotions.

During the past month Nashville star Hayden Panettierre revealed that she has been suffering from post-partum depression. As a result, she is currently taking medical leave from her show and is seeking treatment at a specialist facility.

What Panttierre is suffering from is of much more concern than the “baby blues”, which can usually disappear within a few days following the baby’s birth. Post-partum, or post-natal, depression is very different.

Tips on How To Help Post-Partum Depression

The first step is to get as much rest as you possibly can. While that may be difficult with a newborn, the more rest that your body and your mind gets, the more healing you will receive. Other treatment tips include:

  • Accepting help from friends and family

  • Taking the time to connect and talk with new mums about their experiences

  • Taking care of yourself (i.e. if a spa day is needed, make it happen)

  • Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs which can only alter your mood and make it worse

The Importance Of Looking Good to How You Feel

Feeding a new baby can be foreign to many new mums and even second or third time mums who have not fed a baby for awhile have some trepidation.

And while it's important she feels as comfortable as possible when feeding her baby, wearing something that also makes her look good in her 'after baby' body helps her feel good.

Peachymama is committed to creating a line of breastfeeding clothes that are not only super comfy, but make you look and feel good while helping you through one of the most important times in your new baby's life. 

Feeding is discreet and the tops and dresses make you feel a little more 'normal' ...

  • Peachymama tops can be perfectly paired with our pants should you feel a bit chilly in the summer or if you choose to wear a dress in the wintertime.

  • Our breastfeeding tanks come in a variety of colours are perfect to wear with a cardi and a pair of Peachy pants, while also casual enough to wear on a lazy day at home with your bub.

Discover more of the ways we can keep you feeling comfortable while looking good with our line of tops, dresses and more by visitingwww.peachymama.com.au.

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