Working Out As A Breastfeeding Mum

Working Out As A Breastfeeding Mum

Whether it is the media, friends, family, or just how we feel about ourselves, new mums often feel pressure to lose weight fast after having a bub. One mum recently posted pictures of her lunging and doing other exercises while feeding her two week old baby, and as expected the Internet was alight with commentary.

Sharny Kieser is a mother of six beautiful children. Within two weeks of the birth of her most recent child, she was snapped squatting and performing other exercises while nursing feeding her. While some mums criticised Kieser for her actions, many others admired her, or were completed mystified by how she was able to accomplish such a task.

It’s All About Determination

Kieser is no stranger to having to multitask on a daily basis. With six young children constantly underfoot, she is accustomed to needing to adapt from what a “normal” person would do to what she has to do to compliment her needs on a daily basis.

It’s All About The Right Gear

In order to facilitate being able to feed while exercising, it is necessary for a new mum to have the right clothing to be able to work out how she sees fit.

  • Low Support and Impact Sports Bras: Appropriate for walking, yoga and strength training (like squats)

  • Medium Support and Impact Sports Bras: Skiing, cycling and moderate hiking

  • High Support and Impact Sports Bras: Running, aerobics and mountain biking

The Mummy Angle

It is important for new mums to consider the fact that their breasts may change size during a workout, particularly if she is breastfeeding. Depending on the activity in which you are involved, support which ranges anywhere from medium to high is best, and bras with stretchy material on top of the breast are best for breastfeeding mums.

Staying Comfortable While Working Out

Working out is one thing, but looking chic and fashionable while doing so is a whole other issue for new mums. Regardless of what concerns you may have, our extensive line of nursing t-shirts and tank tops here at Peachymama are perfect for looking fab while working out.

A lot of new mums work out while their baby is in the fitness facility’s nursery, and there may come a time when you need to step in for a feed. Our tanks and tees allow mums to effortlessly feed their newest additions without having to expose a lot of skin or catch a chill.

Explore your Peachymama breastfeeding tops today and let us know which tees and tanks you like best!

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