Attending An Event With A Breastfeeding Baby: It Is Possible

Attending an event alone as a breastfeeding mum can be challenging, but for some new mums, attending an important event with her breastfed bub in tow is unthinkable.

If this sounds like you, take heart. Many mums have been there – and we have drawn on their experience as well as our own to help you successfully attend that event while not only looking flawless, but feeling prepared.

Attending An Event As A Pumper

Pumping mamas may not have the stress of having a baby in tow, but we do have the stress of having to leave our breastfed babies at home without their primary source of food.

Make a promise to yourself that you will attend the event guilt-free and that you have left your little one in the hands of one or more capable individuals who love your baby and will care for them.

Also make a promise to yourself that you will pump, whether that is to maintain your milk, increase your comfort, or a have back-up milk supply for that next event you will be attending.

A lot of mums will purchase or rent a double electric pump so that they can easily pump and dump or keep the milk at an event. Others choose to have a hand-held pump because it is more portable and does not rely on electricity to be used.

Choose a pump that will be most comfortable for you to use during the event. If you plan on using an electric pump, call the venue and ask if they have an outlet which you can use while at the wedding or conference. Many venues will have spare meeting rooms or hotel rooms which they will allow you to use for such a purpose.

The next important factor is to consider what you are going to wear to the event. Stretchy tops, button downs and easy to lifttanks and tees are all ideal, but they can easily interfere with any other accessories you may have on at the time.

The best solution to allowing for an easy pump is to wear clothes that have been designed specifically with breastfeeding in mind. For a more informal event, aPeachymama tank top may be the perfect item to give you an outfit that is stylish while still allowing you to pump easily. Our tanks can be paired with our black post-partum boot-cut pants or with a maxi skirt.

Finally, don’t leave without asupportive bra and good breast pads. The bra will keep your breasts supported and looking fabulous, and the breast pads will make sure that any embarrassing “wet marks” will be kept at bay.

Attending With Your Breastfed Baby

You are invited to an event, but your focus is no longer on the event: it’s going on the little one who will be at the event or waiting for you in a hotel room.

Most mums have the baby packing essentials covered:

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Clothes for “x” amount of days (and extra clothes in case your baby decides to have an “explosive” BM)
  • Rash cream
  • Bottles & dummies (if using them)
  • Carrier

But here are a few extras which you may not have considered:

  • A bright night light: This is great for those middle to late night nappy changes or feeds where you do not want to turn on the blazing sleep disrupting overhead lights.
  • A pop-up cot.
  • Extra plastic bags: These are perfect for storing soiled clothing, nappies and blankets.
  • Collapsible stroller: All mums need a break and a collapsible stroller will give your back and shoulders a much needed reprieve.

Once your baby’s needs are covered, it is time to consider what you want to wear to the event. The first question is what type of event it is and what is appropriate to wear.

Peachymama has you covered in every area, whether you are attending a super casual event or plan on going to a high-class affair.

Here are a couple of our recommendations:

  • Ared breastfeeding tank with a pair of our everydayleggings: We have recently introduced a pair of everyday leggings which can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. This look is particularly fantastic for a more casual affair. Add a blazer and accessories to step up your look.
  • Atwist orgypsy top over tight denim or black pants: Our twist and gypsy-style tops are not only on-trend, but they help conceal that post-baby tummy while offering you endless opportunities to dress these tops up or down. Combine with one of our pairs ofpost-partum pants, leggings, or your favourite pair of slim denim pants or leggings.
  • Abreastfeeding dress. Looking for the perfect breastfeeding dress? Peachymama has what you need. Check out our extensive line of long sleeved, short sleeved and all-season dresses today!

Photo byJonathan Borba onUnsplash

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