Seven Mum-Specific Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Seven Mum-Specific Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, breastfeeding mamas rejoice:breastfeeding on-the-go is actually a lot easier than feeding a bottle-fed baby. You can offer meals on the go any time and anywhere, but the question quickly becomes, “How can I do it easily?”

The Peachymama team offers the answers to some of the most pertinent “travelling while breastfeeding” questions, starting with the first:

I’m Breastfeeding In A Foreign Country. What Is Their Policy?

Never assume that yourbreastfeeding rights are the same in another country as they are here in Australia. If you cannot find information, reach out to local governments where you plan to visit or send a quick message to La Leche League.

I’m Overflowing! How Can I Control This?

Do yourself a favour and purchase or rent a pump so that you can either store milk for a later date or “pump and dump” (where you pump and then pour your milk down the sink) so that you stay comfortable and do not develop any health issues such as mastitis.

Word to the wise: make sure that you have a plug adapter for where you are going. The plug you have for Australia may not work in other corners of the planet, so don’t get caught without the relevant adapter.

How Much Breastmilk Can I Travel With?

This will depend on the country to which you are travelling. Some, such as the USA, will only allow mums flying with breastmilk to bring in less than three ounces. Anything over and it will be declared for inspection at security checkpoints. Tell the officers that you have pumped breastmilk and they will guide you through the process.

Where Can I Rinse My Pump?

Regardless of what country you are visiting, never rinse off your pump and its equipment in a water fountain or in a public bathroom. Take the time to purchase some bottles of purified water or boil and cool local water if you have the amenities, and clean your pump and accessories using that.

Pumping On A Plane: Is It Possible?

This depends on your airline and your comfort level.

Call well in advance and decide what will work with you, your family, and your travel plans. If you are taking a short flight all should be well, but those who are on longer flights will need proper accommodations.

Can I Even Breastfeed Publicly On A Plane?

This will vary from airline to airline, but the vast majority do state that they will accommodate breastfeeding mothers and that you have every right tobreastfeed on a plane (and not while your bub is crammed under a hot and uncomfortable blanket!)

Breastfeeding on planes and the disdain of other passengers has made waves recently, which has prompted almost all airlines to revise their policy on breastfeeding to allow it. But you should still check with the airline policy prior to booking your trip abroad.

How Can I Stay Comfortable?

A lot of clothing purported to be breastfeeding-friendly is dowdy and unfashionable, but thePeachymama team prides itself on offering anextensive line of breastfeeding attire which can suit any occasion.

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