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Avoiding Breastfeeding Problems (Infographic)

February 15, 2017

Avoiding Breastfeeding Problems


While not every mum experiences problems breastfeeding, here are our tips for avoiding some of the most common:Sore nipples, blocked milk ducts, engorgement, mastitis.

1. Get The Latch Right

A good “latch” is important in minimising many breastfeeding difficulties. You’ll soon find the best position that sees your baby’s mouth fully cover the areola.

2. Feed Regularly

Feeding newborns 8-12 times a day will keep your milk supply up and your breasts comfortable. Monitor which side baby feeds from, and alternate each time.

3. Warm and Cold Compresses

Use a warm compress to help unblock a clogged milk duct, and a cold compress to relieve engorgement. Grab yourself a cabbage and keep it in the fridge - chilled cabbage leaves really work!

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Yes, we would say this wouldn’t we? ;) But really, it makes sense that tight and uncomfortable clothing will do you no favours at this time. Good support for your breasts and easy access for feeding are a priority.

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