“Peanut” App Helps Mums Meet Other Mums

“Peanut” App Helps Mums Meet Other Mums

Hanging out with friends may seem like a luxury to many mums. But several studies have shown just how important it is to have a strong social support system – especially for women.

One study from UCLA revealed that pregnant mums with strong support from family are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression. Other research published in the Association for Psychological Science revealed that in times of stress, women do best when we can reach out to friends and loved ones.

Being a mum is one of – if not the most – rewarding experiences we will ever enjoy in our lifetime. But it is also a lot of hard work. It is critical that we have others in our life who we can laugh with, cry with and vent with for our own psychological well-being.

The challenge of finding “mum-friendly” friends

If you were the first one in your social circle to have a baby, it is common to feel isolated. Friends who do not yet have children do not understand the stress and the hardship a mum goes through, like:

  • 3am feedings
  • Heaps of laundry
  • Breastfeeding struggles
  • Feeling out of shape
  • The belief that we need to be perfect

On the flip side, there are those mums who do have children but who simply do not have the time. Between hourly feedings, housework and chasing after other children in the household, mums often feel too exhausted to even think about going out.

Playgroups and yoga are not for everyone

Mums who are struggling to find other like-minded mothers are often told that they should find aplaygroup so that their kids can roll around and play while they have a chat. Others may suggest walking groups or postnatal yoga.

But these activities are not for everyone, and often times mums are disheartened to only find other mothers who do not share common interests or life goals.This is what the brand new app “Peanut” strives to solve.

“Meet as mamas, connect as women”

The app “Peanut” has been described as being like the popular app Tinder, only it helps mums make new mum friends rather than find a date. The app was developed by Michelle Kennedy and Greg Orlowski, both of whom have a lot of experience in dating apps.

Peanut uses the same swiping mechanism which allows mums to browse through the profiles of other mothers who are using the app:

a) Swipe up to give another mum a “wave”, a sign that you would like to meet that other mum; or

b) Swipe down to skip a mother’s profile

The goal of Peanut is to help other mothers find those who have the same interests as them. There are a number of interests which are shared on the profiles, including:

  • The language the mother speaks
  • If they work full-time, part-time, or are a stay-at-home mum, whether they are the outdoorsy type, love shopping, enjoy wine, etc.
  • The age of their child or children

Simple to use with a clean, modern design

Once downloaded, you can get right to creating yourPeanut profile. You can include a variety of personal attributes once you sign-up and even give yourself a nickname which gives other mums a glimpse of your personality and interests.

When your profile is complete, you can get right to connecting with other mums. Once you have a match with another mum, you can get right to chatting and making plans.

Unlike dating apps, Peanut chats are designed to get mums to meet up out in the real world. You can create group chats where you can suggest an activity and takes votes on what is the best time to meet up and where. When the poll is complete, you can tap it and turn it into an invitation to the group. Then the invitation is added to your calendar where you can later say, “I’m in” or “Can’t go”.

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