Breastfeeding Standing Up – Yes Or No?

Breastfeeding Standing Up – Yes Or No?

When most of us envision a mum breastfeeding her baby we picture her sitting down and tenderly cradling her child. But whether you have other children who need your attention, have to multi-task or have a baby with acid reflux, sometimes the most practical way to breastfeed your bubs is while standing.

Breastfeeding while standing poses an obvious safety issue. What if the baby falls? How can you be sure that your baby won’t take a tumble while you are cruising through the supermarket or are chasing after a toddler?

Choose The Right Carrier

Fortunately there are a number of fantastic baby carriers, wraps and slings on the market today which are specifically designed to allow you to safely feed your bub while standing. Most include instructions on how you can safely do so, but here is a quick run down ofhow you can feed your baby in a wrap and in a carrier.

Feeding In A Wrap

Take your baby and gently push them downwards so that her thighs meet her torso (make sure that your baby stays vertical). Then reach under the shoulder strap and lift your breast to your baby’s mouth (you should still be able to see your bub’s nose and mouth). You can stretch the shoulder strap of the fabric over yourself for some extra privacy or, if you are wearing a Peachymamatank ortee, you will be able to feed while showing little to no skin to anyone but your bub.

Feeding in a Carrier

Start by adjusting the side webbing buckle so that there is a bit of extra slack. Then slowly lean forward to support your baby with one hand and lift your shirt with the other. Reach beneath the shoulder strap to lift your breast to your baby’s mouth (if she is too high, you can adjust the waist belt). If your carrier comes with a nursing cover, this will give you some extra privacy.

Tips For Breastfeeding While Standing

Breastfeeding while standing may come easily to some mums, but the majority of us will need a bit of practice which leads us to our first tip:

  • Be patient. It will likely take lots of time, practice and patience to find a way to comfortably breastfeed your bubs while standing up.
  • Practice between feeds. Start off by practising in the comfort of your home and before your bubs begins to fuss.
  • Lean forward if baby has trouble latching. Your bubs may not have enough space to feed. Try leaning forward a bit so he has a bit more space.
  • Use a receiving blanket for additional support. Large breasted women may have a more difficult time feeding while standing. Try rolling up a receiving blanket and placing it under the breast for extra support.
  • Tighten straps once latched. You can have a total hands-free breastfeeding experience once your baby is latched and the straps of the carrier are tightened up.
  • Wear the right clothes. Choose a stretchy low necked top or, for the greatest amount of discretion, choosebreastfeeding attire.

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