Colour Blocking With Breastfeeding Fashions

Colour Blocking With Breastfeeding Fashions

Something which most of we ladies have heard at some point or another over the past few years is the term “colour blocking”. On trend, and delivering unique and eye catching results, colour blocking is all about putting together an outfit which includes – you guessed it – blocks of colours.

As simple as this sounds, however, colour blocking does come with some rules:

Be Loud And Proud

Colour blocking is all about incorporating loud pops of colour into your outfit. Some of our every day basics like ourBlack Vintage Pink Floral nursing dress delivers those bright bold tones through the use of a print. But you can colour block with a number of ourtanks andtees.

One of our favourites for this season is ourFrench Stripe Boat Neck breastfeeding top. Not only is the boat neckline flattering on almost anyone, but its stripy colour absolutely pops when worn with a pair of our black high-waisted pants.

Don’t Be Afraid To Clash

What makes colour blocking particularly fun is that it gives you the chance to experiment with different colours and pieces. Be adventurous and pair ourorange breastfeeding tank top with your favourite pair of dark denim jeans or wearing ourpink breastfeeding shirt over a pair of red leggings.

Use Only Two To Three Colours

True colour blockers will say that you should always use three colours and no more than that, but two colours can work well (especially if you are creating a particularly loud outfit). Simplicity is key when it comes to colour blocking, otherwise you risk wearing an outfit which may be as confusing as a Rubik’s cube.

One of our newest winter offerings here at Peachymama is our“Flame” jumper. This long sleeved shirt does all of the colour blocking for you and is made of a comfortable spandex/wool/modal blend. It’s warm, it’s fashionable, and like all of our attire, it allows for discrete feeds.

Not Sure What To Colour Block?

The key to colour blocking is to keep it as simple as possible. If you are new to colour blocking or are looking for inspiration when piecing together your next outfit, look up “colour wheel” on your preferred online search engine. You can find the colours which traditionally compliment each other by drawing a straight line from one side of the wheel to the next.

You can begin putting together your next breastfeeding-friendly colour blocking outfit at Peachymama today!

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