Different Styles For Breastfeeding Tops That Mums Will Love To Wear

Different Styles For Breastfeeding Tops That Mums Will Love To Wear

Suggest an over-sized T-shirt as an ideal clothing piece for a breastfeeding mum to wear, and you may not get the reaction you expected. 

Having an after-baby body isn't all about covering every single inch of skin, the mums will say — unlike their pregnancy months when dressing up meant putting on something that provides ample coverage and protection for the tummy (as well as for the body parts that have significantly increased in size or shape in accordance with the biological pregnancy requirements), the period after childbirth generally has the body experiencing gradual changes. The baby bump is no more, and the body may begin to taper down closer to its pre-baby size and shape, although women may still wish to continue keeping certain areas covered while the changes are still underway.

With that said, over-sized baggy clothing simply wouldn't be able to provide the level of comfort and function that breastfeeding mums seek — nursing their baby is the top priority, and they need pieces that will allow them to effectively nurse while remaining discreet in public places. And of course, comfort and a sense of style should be kept in the equation.

Fortunately, there are makers of top-quality nursing tops that take these important factors into consideration to provide mums with versatile, comfortable and very pretty clothing solutions.

Here are different styles for nursing tops that mums will find to be perfect for their particular needs. 

1. Nursing tank tops

Spring and summer call for light pieces that are cool to the skin. Mums who wish to be more active will also welcome this top — it comes with an opening in the front that can be easily lifted up or pulled down for breastfeeding. These tank tops can be paired with high-waisted pants for a comfortable yet stylish outfit.

2. Nursing T-shirts

Forget about yanking up the entire shirt! A special nursing T-shirt would have a clever double-layered front with a side opening underneath; mums can lift the top layer to discreetly nurse their little one, even in public. Wear it under a jacket and with jeans for a casual look — and because it's a T-shirt, it's perfect to wear even long after you've finished breastfeeding 

3. Breastfeeding tops with cap sleeves

Not in the mood for a skin-baring tank top? A top with cap sleeves will offer ample coverage while still keeping you cool on warm days. Round or V necklines will wear well over larger busts, and the top will be cut well to shape your after-baby body and provide coverage for the belly.

4. Breastfeeding tops with long sleeves

During colder months, a breastfeeding top with long sleeves can keep you warm while still allowing you to effectively breastfeed your baby. These tops are great worn with nursing bras and jeans or high-waisted pants. And the same discreet front opening makes breastfeeding your baby a breeze.


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