Breastfeeding Dresses — Feminine And Functional Clothing For The Working Or Travelling Mum

Breastfeeding Dresses — Feminine And Functional Clothing For The Working Or Travelling Mum

After a woman gives birth, her daily routines and practices will slowly go back to normal.

Given time, she will be able to resume the different tasks she used to do around the house (which she needed to step away from during pregnancy to prevent over-exertion or injuries). She can get back to following a fitness routine or eating certain foods that she may have stayed away from while pregnant. And she will be able to go back to work, meet people to socialise, and generally be able to enjoy activities that she likes.

Of course, there will be a major difference in her routine from now on: She will have this precious little bundle to take care of, and that includes breastfeeding the baby even while she's on the go. Mums know very well that the kind of clothes they wear can have a huge impact on their ability to properly breastfeed the little one while they're outside the house, popping in and out of work, or traveling. So they need something that will enable them to do all these, while still providing comfort and a sense of style.

And here is where top-quality, thoughtfully designed breastfeeding dresses enter the picture.

Dresses are very versatile clothing pieces for women. They can be paired with different shoes and accessories, they can come with or without a cover-up, and they can instantly create a feminine and casual or professional look. And for mums who have their baby in tow while going out and about, a dress can be the most comfortable thing they can wear — especially if they are already designed to enable breastfeeding mums to do so in public with utmost discretion.

Choose the style — any one will enable easy breastfeeding:

  • A simple retro-inspired floral dress would be a perfect summer outfit that can be worn with comfy flats or high heels. It has a neckline that can effectively accommodate a larger bust, as well as gathered ties around the waist to create a flattering shape. A discreet opening in the front helps mum nurse her baby without fuss.

  • A nursing maxi dress gives mum ample protection and versatility while still being effortlessly stylish. The same discreet opening can be lifted or pulled down when needed for breastfeeding. And a cardigan tie front gives mum different ways to wear the dress.

  • Wrap dresses are also flattering for after-baby bodies. They come with a lovely, comfortable drape and a cropped camisole for easy breastfeeding. And with stylized patterns and warm or cool colours, they offer attractive looks for the busy mum.

Save time while still looking polished

For breastfeeding mums who have returned to putting time into the office or are traveling, time savings are a big plus. It helps that many breastfeeding dresses come in lightweight fabrics that are wrinkle-free, and thus don't need to be ironed. She can throw on the dress, drive or commute to where she needs to be, and breastfeed her baby while still looking feminine and well-put-together in her beautiful, pristine outfit.


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