Flattering Fashions For All Breastfeeding Mums

Flattering Fashions For All Breastfeeding Mums

There are a lot of helpful tips and information out there which help mums feel supported while breastfeeding baby. But one factor which is often overlooked is how what mum is wearing can have a significant impact on her – and her baby’s – breastfeeding journey.

You and your baby’s comfort is priority number one when it comes to breastfeeding, and the clothing you wear can have a major impact on how comfortable you feel when feeding in public or at home. That is why we have put together a quick list of go-to fashions that are flattering on all breastfeeding mums (and they even look great after breastfeeding!)

Twist Tops

Made of a Viscose and Spandex blend, Peachymama offers a number of long sleeved twist tops in a variety of colours which are perfect for the winter. Our shirts feature a flattering drape which makes it easier for you to discreetly feed your baby. We designed the tops to be a bit longer in the back so that they can be easily dressed up for a night out with friends, or for a casual look worn with a pair of our high waisted pants.

Tie Front Tops

Our tie front tops are perfect for formal occasions when you may need to feed your bub or step out to pump. Not only does the tie front increase the amount of privacy you will enjoy when feeding your baby, but it is also flattering to your bust-line and provides you with additional coverage for when you might feel self-conscious. We recently released a new line of long sleeved tie front tops which provide you with extra coverage and additional warmth during the cooler months of the year.

Gypsy Style Tops

On trend and designed specifically for your after baby body, our brand new gypsy style tops are as stylish as they are functional. They can easily be dressed up with an accessory or two, or worn simply as-is. They look great with our high waisted pants but look just as good when paired with leggings or your favourite pair of jeans.

We our proud of our new winter fashions and hope that you are excited about them too.

Check out our latest styles and breastfeeding favourites at https://www.peachymama.com.au/collections/new-arrivals

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