Breastfeeding After Bottle feeding: It is Possible

Breastfeeding After Bottle feeding: It is Possible

A lot of mums start out with the intention ofbreastfeeding, but because of other issues – illness, surgery, or feeling overwhelmed, to name a few – some parents may choose to introduce formula rather than pump or breastfeed.

It’s most important to remember that breastfeeding only works if it is comfortable for both you and your baby. There is nothing wrong with formula feeding. But if you want help with breastfeeding, you can receive valuable help by contacting your community health nurse, your midwife, or by calling the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA).

If, after a period of formula feeding, you do decide togive breastfeeding another go, here is how you can start:

Be Prepared To Be Dedicated

Whether your bub is latching and you are still producing milk, or you are struggling with one or both issues, the process will likely be time consuming as you may need to:

  • Work on the latch
  • Breastfeed regularly
  • Pump regularly
  • Continue to supplement with formula

Most mums will need to pump or breastfeed at least eight times within a twenty four hour period, and the more often you do it, the better. It may take several weeks for you to build up a full supply for milk (particularly if you have had issues such as a breast abscess). Be patient and go easy on yourself.

Look At Your Weekly Successes

Do not focus on the day to day victories and setbacks. Review how you and your baby have progressed in your breastfeeding journey each week, including how well your baby is latching and how much milk you are producing. Here’s a pro tip: you can tell how much breast milk your baby is receiving by checking nappies. Formula-fed babies have firm and brownish bowel movements while breastfed babies have loose and yellow bowel movements.

Get Comfortable

Arm yourself with everything you need to ensure the greatest level of success for resuming breastfeeding. Some great essentials include:

  • A comfortable and supportive nursing bra
  • Nursing pads
  • An electric pump (these can often be rented from a hospital or pharmacy)
  • Attire designed for breastfeeding

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