How to Create Your Own Breastfeeding Sanctuary At Home

How to Create Your Own Breastfeeding Sanctuary At Home

As breastfeeding can be one of the most important tasks that a new mother undertakes, its worthwhile to allocate a special space in your home that will become your nursing sanctuary. Whether it’s hidden away in a dim and quiet room, or centred right in the middle of the household action, you cancreate your own breastfeeding haven for feeding in comfort and convenience by just following a few simple tips.


For both you and your baby, your breastfeeding sanctuary should be a place of comfort. What better time to invest in a quality chair than when you have a brand new baby to feed for hours each day? Opt for something that offers both comfort and support, with extra compartments or pockets as an added bonus!


When you’re not busy staring at your baby in wonder, it can be handy to have something else to do to pass the time. Keep your breastfeeding bay stocked with magazines or books, and always remember to bring your phone along in case you want to play some games, browse the web, or send a text. And it’s nice to have background music, or podcasts, to listen to as well.


As the scouts always say, be prepared! We all know how messy babies can be, and when you couple that with breast milk that can and does leak at inconvenient times, there’s no telling the mess that can be made. Keep some small cloths nearby, as well as wipes for any spills. You might also want to store spare breast pads, nipple cream, and a change of shirt for larger spills and leaks.

Food and drink

Breastfeeding can take up a lot of energy, turning mums into thirst-crazed zombies hanging out for the next glass of water or yummy snack. Keep your sanctuary stocked with a few muesli bars, pieces of fruit, or assorted nuts to keep the hunger at bay. Stay well hydrated, and for simplicity ensure your water is stored in a pump top bottle for ease of access.

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but the more comfortable you are while feeding the better things will be for you and your baby. Make your own breastfeeding haven at home and look at it as a way to switch off, unwind and spend some quality time with your little one in a peaceful setting.

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