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How to Lose Baby Weight

July 12, 2017

Healthy Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian. What do these ladies all have in common?

Apart from being world famous celebrities, these three women are just three of the many celebrity mums who have shed the “baby weight” in an extraordinary amount of time, often only taking weeks to return to their svelte figures.

According to a new 1500 participant study conducted by the website, 40% of new mums felt that these images of shrinking celebrities made them feel “obliged” to quickly lose the baby weight, even though the average woman takes 19 months on average to lose the weight gained during her first pregnancy.

A “Different Set of Priorities”

Fortunately the study also revealed that most new mums, while hoping to lose the baby weight, still maintain a healthy new set of priorities that are focused on taking care of her baby and herself. Here’s the good news: new mums who do take care of themselves are able to lose the baby weight more quickly by making consciously healthy decisions about their diet.

But that’s one thing that mums must also keep in mind, that “diet” doesn’t mean “dieting”. Instead, a balance that includes an array of foods is best:

  • Take Advantage of “Super Foods”:  New motherhood demands that you maximize your nutrition, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Fish, low fat milk, yogurt, and lean protein such as beans and chicken are a great way to get the nutrients you need while avoiding a high caloric intake.

  • Drink Water:  Sounds simple enough, but most of us don’t drink nearly enough water. Water isn’t only necessary to keep up your milk supply, but it can also rev up your metabolism

  • Load Up On Veggies: Packed with the vitamins and minerals you need while boasting little to zero fat, fresh fruits and vegetables are an incredibly healthy snack that will curb cravings while helping expedite you body’s post-baby healing process.

Other Tips

The mums in the study were incredibly candid and revealed some truths that all new mums can relate to – such as 64% of new mums admitting to “letting themselves go”.

  • 1/3 of new mums said breastfeeding limited what they could wear. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer because of breastfeeding! Today’s mums are spoiled for choice when it comes to fashionable and trendy pieces that allow for discrete and comfortable feeding, even while in public

  • 69% feel like a feeding machine. Invest in a quality baby stroller and go out for a brisk walk with your new bubs! Not only will that help you with any weight loss goals, but exercise also improves mental health. Try joining a baby walking group, or check in with a local community center and see if any “mommy and me” fitness classes are offered. 

Healthy Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


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