Keeping It Simple When Planning Your Hospital Essentials

Keeping It Simple When Planning Your Hospital Essentials

As you start to prepare for one of the most important moments of your life – the birth of your new baby – you will no doubt be planning what to take along to the hospital.

The Internet is full of advice for new mums-to-be. There are lists that tell you what clothes to take, lists that tell you what you will need for baby, lists that outline what aromatherapy products you will need, lists that will help you prepare for the day you come home, and even lists that help you make more lists.

All the information, combined with the well-meant advice from family and friends, can be very daunting for first time mums. But the simple truth is that preparing for hospital can be broken down into two easy to manage categories – essentials for baby and essentials for you.

The Essentials for Baby

Many hospitals will ask you to bring items that you can use to care for your baby after he or she arrives. This includes disposable nappies, singlets, outfits for use during your hospital stay, and outfits for taking bubs home in. It pays to remember that when you leave the hospital, you are transitioning from a temperature-controlled environment into one that may be warmer or colder, so you need outfits to suit.

The Essentials for You

During your stay in hospital you will want your toiletries, including toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, make-up, sanitary pads and any hair accessories you normally use. You’ll want other essentials like your phone, maternity bras and nursing pads, and comfort items like moisturiser and lip balm.

Being Comfortable and Confident

After the birth you will be encouraged to get out of bed, have a shower and start caring for your baby as soon as you are ready and capable of doing so. This means you will want to change out of a hospital gown and into some comfortable day clothes so that you can confidently move around the ward, welcome visitors and feed your baby in a comfortable yet discreet way.

So for your comfort and to make shopping that much easier pre-baby, Peachymama has developed Hospital packs.

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