Pram Posture Tips For An Effective Injury-Free Workout Walk

Pram Posture Tips For An Effective Injury-Free Workout Walk

One issue of which many new mums may be unaware is that their posture has likely changed during pregnancy. After all, you’ve been accommodating all of that weight in the front which does often force you to make some adjustments! It’s understandable, but poor posture nevertheless.

After pregnancy, many new mums like to take their babies forwalks in prams, partly for the baby’s benefit and partly for exercise. However you may find that you’re continuing with the poor posture you had during pregnancy, which may not just result in a less effective workout, but can even leave you more prone to injury.

So we’ve compiled a quick list ofpram posture tips for when you are out walking with your bub.

Focus Forward And Not At The Ground

This will help draw your spine upwards and straight. The occasional glance and chat with your baby is fine, but it is important that you keep your eyes focused forward whenever you and your newest addition are not engaged in a loving gaze or a conversation.

Maintain A Neutral Neck Position

This sounds a lot more intimidating than it is. As you walk with your baby, keep your chin pointed slightly down. This will help alleviate excess strain on your neck and your shoulder muscles which are already working hard pushing the pram around.

Keep Your Shoulders Relaxed

Though you will be pushing a pram, try to keep your shoulders and your hands as relaxed as possible. When possible, keep your arms bent at a ninety degree angle.

Bring Your Belly Button Towards Your Spine

Activate those abdominal muscles and try to focus on drawing your belly button up and in towards your spine. It may be difficult to remember at first, but over time it will become second nature.

Walk Heel To Toe

Make a point to ensure that your heel strikes the ground first and then naturally rolls to the balls of your feet and to the tips of your toes.

Try to be prepared before you hit the road. Remember that your feet may have increased in size since you were last able to fit into your trainers, and you may need a new pair. Most sports shoe shop staff will assess your gait and can suggest the best pairs of trainers for you.

Here atPeachymama, you can also find fantasticbreastfeeding clothing styles which are easy to layer so that you stay cool and comfortable during your walks.

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