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Ways To Get Active And Social As A New Mum

September 04, 2015

Ways To Get Active And Social As A New Mum

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing as a mother is, well, anything! It can be hard to find the motivation just to leave the house when it feels as though you’re stuck in an infinite loop of feeds, changes, sleep, and baby gazing.

Here atPeachymama, we want to support you to get out and about in ways that don’t feel like a chore. With our suggestions, we hope you’ll be able to regain your fitness gradually while mingling with like-minded mums and their bubs in your local area.

Pram Walking Groups

Pram walking groups are as simple as the name suggests: groups of mothers (and fathers) arranging to meet up at allocated spots to join in group pram walking sessions with their little ones. There are plenty of resources online to find your nearestpram walking group, or you can form your own, using social media or local notice boards to advertise. Walking, talking, spending time with other adults as well as being out in the fresh air while still spending quality time with your little one, is a simple and pleasant way of getting some exercise.

Mums and Bubs Classes

A quick Google search in your area is likely to reveal a number of fitness groups aimed at mothers and their babies. Popular fitness classes for mums and bubs include postpartum Pilates and yoga that allow for parents to exercise gently with their babies in tow, in a relaxed environment. Fitness instructors who specialise inpostpartum exercise  regimes are aware of the special requirements that new mothers have and offer modified workouts to ensure a gentle approach to fitness is taken.

Shopping Centre Strolls

Unlike the pram walking group, a shopping centre stroll can be a fun activity to do on your own. The social aspect of a solo pram walk comes from the many people you meet on your average shopping centre trip: coffee shops, centre playgrounds, libraries, or supermarkets, all of which make for ideal meeting grounds for new friends.

Amazing Benefits

Besides the obvious incentives to your physical health, getting active and social has other benefits.Better Health Channel advises that regular exercise helps to reduce the risk ofpostpartum depression, which can affect one in seven women. You’ll not only be giving yourself something to look forward to each day, but also a great way to meet other mothers in your area who you can socialise with, and maybe even forge long-lasting friendships with.

We know that being comfortable and looking good is a great incentive for new mums to get out and about. The breastfeeding and new-mum clothing that we design at Peachymama have been created just for you.

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