Seasonal Breastfeeding Dresses For Weddings

Seasonal Breastfeeding Dresses For Weddings

The height of Australia’s wedding season may have just passed, but the next most popular period of time to tie the knot – October through November – is just a few months away. If you have been invited to a wedding and are concerned about finding a flattering yet comfortable breastfeeding dress that will highlight your sizzling new mum curves, fear not. Peachymama has got you covered.

Winter: Rich Saturated Hues And Dark Floral Prints

The winter season is all about deep jewel tones and creative prints. Our Black Vintage Pink Floral Dress is a great choice for a more casual wedding, offering a black backdrop with pops yellow and magenta. Those who are feeling a bit more adventurous may want to try our Printed Wrap Nursing dress (the long sleeves will keep you warm!) or our Flame Black breastfeeding wrap dress.

Spring: Light And Flirty Feminine Flare

Subtle hues and girlish details are all the rage in the spring. Our Pinafore dress is a classic, boasting a light and refreshing floral pattern with both pastel and bright hues. For those who prefer a larger print, check out our Poppy Pinafore. For a more modern and laid back occasion, try on our “Cherry Red” Va Va Voom dress.

Summer: Bright, Breezy And Colourful

Summer is all about colour and offers wedding guests the chance to be a bit more adventurous with their attire. The Peachymama Summer Vibes dress is a fan favourite, and one of our newest arrivals – the Tutti Frutti breastfeeding dress – is perfect for beach, backyard or Boho-inspired weddings.

Autumn: Earth Tones And Moody Florals

Earth tones and stone colours rule in Autumn, though moody dark florals are also a good choice. The Paisley Breastfeeding Tunic can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and our Retro Blue Floral Va Va Voom is a great option for a casual and less traditional wedding.

If you are attending a wedding any time in the near future, do not forget to pair your dress with a matching sweater or cover and consider layering up with one of our nursing slips. Incredibly versatile and designed to be worn beneath any of our breastfeeding dresses, our slips will give you a little extra bit of needed warmth during the cooler months.

Watch a video demonstration of how the slip works and see what other dresses we have available for your next event at

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