Winter 2016 Styles for Breastfeeding Mums

Winter 2016 Styles for Breastfeeding Mums

Being smack-bang in the middle of winter can send a shiver up anyone’s spine – and that includes breastfeeding mothers. We do our best to keep warm and rugged up in the cooler months, but from time to time we’ll need to open up and let our babies in for a feed.

Thankfully, there’s no need to dress like a frumpy mama during winter just to accommodate your baby, and you can still look as stylish as ever with awhole range of new options for breastfeeding clothing from Peachymama.

Layers, layers, and more layers

One of the oldest tricks in the book at winter time is to layer your clothing to keep you warm. Thankfully, this trick works just as well for breastfeeding mothers too.

You can begin to layer with a simple singlet such as theBreastfeeding Tank Top. For the next coating of warmth, you could add a long sleevedGrey Twist Breastfeeding Top to keep the cold out. Wear your usual everyday winter coat over the top and a woollen scarf if needed, and simply pop it open when you’re ready to feed.

High-waisted pants are your new best friend

There’s no denying the magical power ofhigh-waisted pants. For new mums especially they can be comfortable and concealing when we may not be feeling our best.

Peachymama’s range of black high waisted pants works well with any of our winter collection tops. Whether you want to team one of the longerGypsy shirts to help you feel comfortable and warm, or aBlack Boat Neck for some chic sophistication, these pants look great with anything.

Stripes and hot colours to warm you up

Winter chill can get a little depressing as we start to miss those glorious sunny days. By adding a little colour to your winter wardrobe, you can help beat the winter blues and keep yourself toasty warm too.

Stripes are a huge hit this season, and here at Peachymama, we have you covered.Marine Stripes,French Stripes,Navy Stripes, and more, all available in bold colours and with easy access for your breastfeeding bub.

Just because it’s winter, there’s no need for your wardrobe to suffer. Let us help you feel less like a frumpy mother and more like a fashionista withour stylish winter collection for 2016.

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