Tandem Breastfeeding and How It Can Work For You

Tandem Breastfeeding and How It Can Work For You

For many mothers, falling pregnant with their second child while still breastfeeding the first is not a rare occurrence. As many toddlers are breastfed beyond their first year, you may be faced with the decision of whether or not to continue nursing them when the new baby arrives and throughout your pregnancy.

In Australia, the practice of nursing siblings which aren’t twins is calledtandem breastfeeding, and it’s a very common practice in many homes. However rewarding it may be, though, it can be challenging to adapt to at first and does take some practice.

Why do some mothers choose to tandem breastfeed?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), breastfeeding your child up to two years and beyond is recommend, so it’s very likely that you may find yourself having another baby during this time. Rather than give up breastfeeding altogether, many mothers choose to continuefeeding both children.

The process of nursing both children together can be a tremendous bonding experience for all involved, and may even help your older child to feel more welcoming of their new sibling. It also provides a nice, quiet time of day for you all to relax if you can manage to synchronise one of their daily feeds together.

How can I make tandem breastfeeding easier?

Tandem breastfeeding may be no easy feat at first, particularly when both your baby and toddler want to feed at the same time. Just as you learned the art of breastfeeding as a first-time mother, though, it will become simpler with a little practice.

As your toddler won’t be feeding as often as your newborn baby, try to schedule their feeds at a time of day when your newborn is resting or not hungry. This will ensure your infant doesn’t miss any crucial feeding times or milk supply.

How you parent and take care of your children should be entirely your decision, provided you are serving your children’s best interest. Making the decision to tandem breastfeed is one that will have positive impacts on both siblings and may even help to make their bond closer.

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