New Mum Continues To Feed Despite Accident

New Mum Continues To Feed Despite Accident

In May 2016 anews story broke about a mum and her two month old infant daughter who were involved in a car crash ten minutes away from Christchurch, New Zealand. While en route to visit her father, the mum lost control of the car on a patch of gravel and hit a metal fence.

Fortunately everyone survived, but mum quickly found herself in immense pain and both mum and baby were transported to Christchurch Hospital. Throughout the whole trip the mum heard her infant daughter’s plaintive pleas for comfort and begged to breastfeed her daughter. Because of the medical procedures and tests needed for her own health, she was unable to do so.

The mum turned down strong painkillers and after a series of ultrasounds, X-Rays and tests, a nurse allowed the mum to feed her bub. The baby settled almost immediately and finally had the comfort she was seeking.

Remaining Comfortable A Key Factor To Successful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may come easily to some mums and their babies, but for others it is a struggle. Whether a mum has been involved in a serious accident, is recovering from a vaginal or C-Section birth, or is feeling wary about breastfeeding, comfort is key in enjoying a successful breastfeeding journey.

The first and most important step to remaining comfortable is to wear non-restrictive clothing. This does not mean that you need to settle for your partner’s favourite oversized tee. AtPeachymama, we have a number of wonderfultanks,tees,long sleeved shirts anddresses that allow you to easily feed your baby without the need to fiddle with clasps and zippers. In addition, our range is designed to be non-confining while also allowing you to show off your stunning new mum curves.

Come Prepared

Another import factor is being prepared. Now is the time for you and your partner to ensure that the television remote is always near your favourite feeding chair, that your mobile is within easy reach, and that a snack and bottle of water is within arm’s length of where you may spend hours of your day.

Invest In The Right Attire

Peachymama’s attire is specifically designed to show off your curvaceous post-partum body and make breastfeeding comfortable. But our fashions are so cutting edge and are so in tune with each mama’s shape that many mums continue to wear our fashions well after their breastfeeding stage is over.

Whether looking for a friend or for yourself, we have a variety of designs, colours and styles to choose from – see some of our latest designs at

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