Thought Leaders - Women To Watch in 2018

Thought Leaders - Women To Watch in 2018

As women, we want to feel as though times are changing and things are getting better for us in terms of equality, but one snide remark from a co-worker or a sexist statement heard on the radio can quickly change it all. We need constant reminders that we are a powerful force to be reckoned with and that we’ll be the ones to change it all and make things better for ourselves.

With this in mind, there’s really nothing better than the feeling you get when you hear about a woman getting out there and doing something amazing in the world, so what about when you hear about seven of them? We’ve found some amazingly influential women who are modern day trailblazers in fields like media, business, and technology, and how exactly they’re leading the pack in 2018.

Ijeoma Oluo, Editor

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned shot of girl power and sick of reading everything that standard media has to offer, why not check out powerful website The Establishment, run by editor-in-large Ijeoma Oluo. Oluo ensures that every piece of content on her media platform is created and produced by women, and gives a totally unique way of looking at typical social, political, and racial issues.

Julia Gillard, former prime minister

We know her best as the short-lived labor leader who once ruled the nation, but Julia Gillard has now turned her focus to other things. As a chair on the Global Partnership for Education, Gillard is committed to changing the outcomes for Australian women in the workplace and education. Citing shocking facts including that a woman with a post-graduate education will end up earning the same as a man with a high school diploma is just the tip of the iceberg for issues she wants to address.

Catherine Fox, Journalist

Australian journalist and women’s rights champion Catherine Fox had a long career with the Australian Financial Review before throwing it all in and setting up her own advisory business. She sits on many advisory panels including the Defence Force Gender Equality Board and has written a book called Seven Myths About Women and Work. Fox always has something powerful to say about women in the workforce and it’s great to see an Australian standing up for the rights of our local ladies.

Jo Burston, Entrepreneur

The self-made founder of Job Capital, a one-stop shop job services company, Jo Burston always had the notion in her head that men were the business people and women were the ones to stay at home. After speaking with young girls at her old school and finding out that they felt the same some 30 years later, the Australian businesswoman wanted to spring into action and change things. The entrepreneur launched Inspiring Rare Birds just three years ago and the organisation works to help women who want to run their own companies by offering investment advice and mentoring.

Jessica O Matthews, Founder

Getting the title of the most money raised by any black female founder of a startup is pretty impressive, and it’s one that belongs to American businesswoman Jessica O Matthews. Her most notable invention was the SOCCKET ball which harnesses energy when you use it, and it led to a disruption in the world of renewable energy. She is focused on creating even more tech in the future and leaving a huge mark of the normally male-dominated industry.

Naomi Simson, Entrepreneur

You might recognise her as one of the sharks on Shark Tank, but Naomi Simson’s resume is certainly a lot more impressive than that. The founder of RedBalloon and and author of Live What You Love, she has a lot to say about how women can empower themselves. Simson urges women to look for those opportunities and grasp them with both hands, asking us not to get bogged down with labels of gender inequality and pay gaps, but to go out and change things for ourselves.

Sheridan Ash, Tech Director

When Sheridan left school at age 16 and became a single mother sometime after, she probably had no idea the mark she would make on the world. Now sitting as the technology and investment director at PwC, she has started the Tech She Can Charter in the UK which brings some of the largest brands together and actions them into increasing their number of female tech employees. In an industry that’s normally so male-dominated, it’s nice to see someone being a champion for women to succeed.

Here at Peachymama, we love to hear about powerful women doing great things, and even better when they come from our own backyard. If you’re looking for a boost of confidence and a bit of motivation to spice up your day, we invite you to explore our blogs – we hope it inspires you!

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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