Top Ten Foods for New Mums

Top Ten Foods for New Mums

Becoming a mum leaves you with enough on your plate, so you can occasionally forget to actually put food on it too. Those early days of motherhood become a blur of no sleep, plenty of crying (from you and the baby), and a whole lot of love, so you can easily lose sight of the day-to-day things like eating. Here at Peachymama, we want to make things easier for you so we’ve compiled a list of the most nutritious and simple foods you can enjoy as a new mother.

#10: Bananas

They’re the quickest and healthiest go-to snack around and packed full of everything that breastfeeding mums need. Bananas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as being naturally sweet and filling. When you’re short on time and need food fast, a banana ticks all of the boxes.

#9: Salmon

Salmon is an ideal source of protein to keep you going through the day and a decadent treat that pairs so well with cream cheese or that brie you’ve been saving. Try some smoked salmon on a fresh bun for lunch or throw a piece in the oven for an easy dinner that’s full all of omega-3s that are not only good for you but essential for growing babies.

#8: Low Fat Dairy

If you’re trying to watch your fat content as well as eat a range of delicious foods, the experts recommend choosing low-fat dairy products. These are not just lower in fat; they contain a whole lot more vitamin B, vitamin D, and calcium which is exactly what you need. Easy ways to get a fix include a tub of yoghurt, some sliced cheese on biscuits, or a mid-afternoon bowl of cereal and milk when you want something easy and filling.

#7: Leafy Greens

There’s never a bad time to have your leafy greens, but in those early mum days, they can be crucial for keeping your iron levels up. There are so many ways to enjoy them, like a healthy wrap with rocket and ham or a vegetable soup packed with kale, broccoli, and spinach. Spend half an hour one day making up a huge batch of soup and freeze it in portions for when you just can’t be bothered cooking a hot meal.

#6: Pulses

Beans aren’t just for vegetarians anymore, and these protein-packed beauties are easy to prepare and delicious to eat which makes them perfect for new mums. Legumes, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans – the list goes on; all of them loaded with protein and high in iron. Throw some into a soup or salad to fill you up and give you the energy you so sorely need.

#5: Eggs

Is there anything an egg can’t do? These simple little natural food sources can be eaten in many ways and take just a few minutes to prepare. Whether you want to make an omelette, fry one up and have it with toast, or even pre-boil a few eggs for snacks throughout the day, you’ll love their simplicity. Eggs are rich in protein and also feature B12, iron, zinc, and vitamin D, among other nutrients.

#4: Carrots

Carrots are another natural snack that’s ready to enjoy without much prep work. Simply peel the carrot and chomp on down for a quick snack, or add it to a fruit juice, salad, soup, or pasta. Carrots are packed full of vitamin A and loads of powerful antioxidants that can help make you feel a little better during this tiring time of life.

#3: Garlic

There’s not much that you can’t add garlic to which is why it’s such a great choice for new mums. Garlic is said to promote lactation, so it’s perfect for breastfeeding, and it adds its own rich, unique flavour to foods. Anything that you’re roasting, frying, or baking can have garlic added to it, so don’t be shy.

#2: Whole Grains

The broadness of the whole grains category is vast, but it’s an important one nonetheless. They have plenty of fibre to keep you regular, protein for strength and energy, and vitamins to make you feel better. You can get a fix of whole grains practically anywhere, including quinoa, barley, multigrain bread, and spelt.

#1: Water

Although technically not a food, it’s by far the most important thing a breastfeeding mum could ingest. We often misread how thirsty this whole breastfeeding business can make us, so it’s essential to get a few litres of water in a day. It will help with gradual weight loss, improve your bowels, give you energy, and increase the flow of milk, so it’s the most important superfood of all.

While taking care of our babies is always our first priority, that doesn’t mean our own health should fall by the wayside. Here at Peachymama, we love to offer a helping hand to new and seasoned mums alike, and we invite you to explore our other blog posts here.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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