Nursing Dresses That Make Breastfeeding Easy

January 01, 2016

On Trend Dresses That Make Breastfeeding Easy

Summer is almost here in Australia which means one thing: it’s time to update your wardrobe! If you're pregnant or have recently become a new mum, you deserve a small treat for yourself... or maybe two. 

How Our Dresses Benefit New Mums

A Peachymama dress, the first and most obvious benefit is that here atPeachymama, we create a dress with you in mind.

This means that when we design dresses, we make them to fit your after baby body - hiding those new bumps and giving you a way to discreetly do what you need to - breastfeed bubs, wherever you need to whenever you need without the hassle of wearing a normal dress.

The best thing is, though - our dresses look and feel like normal dresses, so much so in fact that most of our customers keep on wearing them long after they've finished breastfeeding. The famous Peachymama sample rack is often raided by friends and family long past breastfeeding.

The Dresses You Need In Your Wardrobe

We keep a sharp eye on current trends and we're proud to have a select few new types of dresses available to mums which they can now order from our website.

One long running trend we've noticed on our travels this year is florals, and to suit the preferences of all mums, we have two sleeveless selections:

  • For those with a cooler complexion: For mums who are looking for a dress featuring cooler tones and hues, check out ourPurple Floral Pinafore.

  • For those with a warmer complexion: Mums who are looking to heat things up this summer will love ourOrange Floral Pinafore dress which features larger floral patterns in bold orange and yellow.

      We have also welcomed two sleeved additions to our Peachymama dress family, one which is a classic and one which is incredibly modern in chic.

      Our classic design is theCherry Red Va-Va-Voom Breastfeeding Dress which features countless white polka dots set upon a cherry red backdrop.

      Feeling a little more 'Ibiza', check out the ”Summer Vibe Breastfeeding Wrap Dress” featuring virtually every colour of the rainbow and side tie for easy access.

      These dresses may be hot off the sewing machines, but we have many others which are favourites here at Peachymama!

      See what we have in store for you at

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      Size Chart

      So that you get an accurate measurement using our sizing chart:

      1. Make sure you wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and hips.
      2. When measuring your bust it is recommended you wear your breastfeeding/nursing bra. 

      The Simple Version

      (Peachymama Sizes = Australian Sizes)

      XS = 8-10

      S = 10-12

      M = 12-14

      L = 14-16

      The Detailed Version

      Tops & Dresses


      Bust (cm)

      Bust (in)

      Waist (cm)

      Waist (in)

      Hip (cm)

      Hip (in)

      XS 89-94 35-37


      26-28 91-97 36-38
      S 94-99 37-39 72-76 28-30 97-102 38-40
      M 99-104 39-41 76-81 30-32 102-107 40-42
      L 104-109 41-43 81-86 32-34 107-112


      Pants & Jeans
      The 'Front Rise' is the measurement from your crotch to your belly button.


      Waist (cm)

      Waist (in)

      Hip (cm)

      Hip (in)

      Front Rise (cm)

      Front Rise (in)

      XS 66-72 26-28 91-97 36-38 28 11
      S 72-76 28-30 97-102 38-40 29 11 1/2
      M 76-81 30-32 102-107 40-42 30 11 3/4
      L 81-86 32-34 107-112 42-44 31 12
      Pants & Jeans - Inside Leg

      This is the measurement that indicates the pant's length.


      Inside Leg (cm)

      Inside Leg (in)

      XS 76 30
      S 77 30 1/3
      M 78 30 2/3
      L 79 31

       3/4 Pants - Inside Leg
      This is the measurement that indicates the pant's length.


      Inside Leg (cm)

      Inside Leg (in)

      XS 61 24 1/2
      25 1/3

      If you’re not sure or need some help please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 473 224.