Tips For Pairing Patterns With Other Patterns

Tips For Pairing Patterns With Other Patterns

AtPeachymama, we know how difficult it can be to slip into astylish outfit that will still allow you to breastfeed your baby with ease. But if that task was not difficult enough, another problem that a lot of our mamas face when deciding what to wear is mixing and matching patterns so that they still look cutting-edge, while staying cool and comfortable.

We love patterns for a number of reasons: they’re fun, they fashionable, and – let’s be honest – they help cover up stains and other messy mishaps that often happen when you have a baby. That is why we have put together this quick guide for how you can put together a fabulous outfit which incorporates two or more different patterns.

Match The Colours And Not the Print

If the colours of two or more pieces of clothing work well together, then there is a good chance that the prints will also compliment one another. Not sure which colours work together? Keep this in mind when you first start:

  • Black and white are a natural match
  • Pastels go well with other pastels
  • Earth tones compliment one another
  • Jewel tones bring out the best in each another

Ideally, both patterns will have at least one colour in common, if not completely sharing the same colour scheme.

Simple and Graphic Prints Are Easier To Mix

Stripes are the easiest print to match, which is why we include them in our most basic gear (such as theBreastfeeding T-Shirt with Black and White Stripe). But graphic prints such as florals and animal prints can look good when paired with more basic patterns like stripes, diamond shapes or chevron patterns. For example, a lot of mums have paired ourPaisley Swing Top Mini Dress with a variety of patterned leggings, skirts, and pants to create their very own custom look.

Spread Out Prints To Decrease The “Busy” Factor

The number one fear a woman has when incorporating two or more prints is that she will create an outfit that looks too “busy“ or tacky. If you sense your outfit needs a few breaks, try distributing your prints more evenly. Add a print at the top (such as a jacket) and one at the bottom to “break up” your look.

Frombasics topatterns and from simpletanks and tees todresses andpants, Peachymama has the clothes to give you that stylish look, even while you need to allow for breastfeeding requirements.

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