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Why Smarter Fashion Choices Eliminate The Need For Shapewear

September 11, 2015

Why Smarter Fashion Choices Eliminate The Need For Shapewear

Some mums may leave the hospital in the exact same shape they were in before they became pregnant. But as the world learned when Kate Middleton first stepped out with baby George a couple of years ago, it’s ok for mums not to simply “snap back” to their pre-pregnancy shape the moment their baby enters into the world.

Parts of the media would have us believe that mums can and should lose “the baby weight” quickly, which is why many mums choose to buy clothes they hope and expect to need within a matter of months. Or worse, these mums will invest in clothes which realistically won’t fit comfortably, all in the name of “looking good” – and then resort toshapewear to help them make it all work.

AtPeachymama, we believe that by making smarter clothing choices, you can create the perfect look for yourself without the discomfort, or the heavy price tag.

Here’s a few of our simple tips for dressing for style AND comfort after baby arrives.

Wear The Right Pants

The hips and the tummy are the most common areas women have issues with when it comes to their post-partum bodies. Peachymama has dealt to this by offering a variety ofhigh waisted pants that support the tummy with subtlety and style. Our pants come in three different styles and look fantastic with both heels and sandals. And these pants are easily adjusted to match your body changes.

Choose The Right Shirts

Ourtanks andtees are not just intended to provide mum and her baby with an easy and comfortable way to feed. They are also designed to be flattering, while still concealing any areas where mum may feel a little self-conscious. Our Peachymama clothing is specifically designed to show off the best of your new and exciting curves.

When In Doubt, Wear A Dress

A dress is the perfect way to slim the hips while accentuating your beautiful new curves. We have a selection of long-sleeved dresses such as our breastfeedingBlack Diamond Tie Front dress which is perfect for autumn and winter. Or you can pair ourbreastfeeding slips with any dress you may already have in your wardrobe.

Peachymama mums find that our clothing provides them with the shaping they need today and into the future without the discomfort or the hefty price tags. Save money while looking fashionable and trendy by shopping for your next outfit righthere!


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