Putting Together A Special Occasion Breastfeeding Outfit

Putting Together A Special Occasion Breastfeeding Outfit

Looking good can make any mama feel good. But the challenges of putting together a fantastic breastfeeding-friendly outfit can be massive. From accessibility issues and privacy concerns to the likely need to conceal drool and spit-up stains, a lot more thought and consideration need to go into styling the amazing breastfeeding body.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to dress for your next special event. Below are our top tips on how new mums can piece together a stylish, on-trend outfit that won’t look like it’s breastfeeding attire, and one that will have heads turning whenever you walk into a room.

Dress cut and style is everything

The postpartum body is a beautiful thing. Your stunning and powerful physique has just lent itself to the creation of new life for the past several months, which also means that it likely needs time to heal and recover.

If you’re among the majority of new mums who don’t simply “snap back” right after giving birth, then the style of dress you choose will have a major impact on your comfort and confidence.

Skip out on the tightly wrapped “bodycon” dresses and instead opt for styles like:

  • Pinafore dresses (like our own limited edition Venetian Floral Nursing Dress)
  • Off the shoulder dresses (you can’t beat these dresses for breastfeeding accessibility!)
  • Trapeze-style dresses (a great way to conceal the tummy)
  • Boho dresses (loose and often offering easy feeding access)

Don’t forget to look at what you already may have in your closet. Low-cut dresses, dresses with stretchy necks, and wrap-style dresses can all be magically transformed into a breastfeeding dress.

Experiment with neck styles and layering

Whether it’s a dress or a shirt paired with a stretchy maternity skirt that you plan on wearing, accessibility is critical. One easy way to get around the breastfeeding issue is to choose a shirt with a deeper v-neck and made out of stretchy material. A well-styled button-down shirt dress with leggings and a cool jacket is also a great option.

Layering is another way you can discreetly feed your bubs during any special occasion. Nursing tanks and bras are all good options, and those who are wearing a dress can wear a breastfeeding slip (bonus: these items will keep you nice and warm during those chillier winter months).

Patterns and accessories are more important than ever

If you’re attending an event with a baby in tow, go into it with the assumption that there will be a spit-up or two finding its way onto your gorgeous gown.

This is just one of the reasons why we love patterns. Apart from keeping you on-trend, messes are far more difficult to spot on a patterned dress (like our Navy Polkadot Nursing Dress) than a dress of just one solid colour.

Accessories are also a key factor when dressing for your event. Scarves are particularly handy since they can be used to keep you warm, cover up stains, and cover your bubs while they feed. Other items, like a chunky baby-safe necklace, will help keep your bubs distracted at an event and keep their hands busy as they feed.

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